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Omerta – A global luxury clothing brand with a wide portfolio of unique and breakthrough designs.


Omerta Milano is a global luxury clothing brand base in London/UK & Milano/IT with a wide portfolio of unique and breakthrough designs.

This new brand aims to consolidate as a prestigious luxury brand with the best industry experts worldwide to achieve so.

The team is working together on each piece of clothing to get the highest quality products using the finest materials.

The organization takes care of all small details and the quality of our products is checked at the end of each productive process.

We want to ensure our customers get the best outfits and we want to be related to quality and go-ahead designs.

Based in London & Milano, Omerta is a new brand with ancient roots focused on the future. We central all our efforts to offer a high quality fashion products to satisfy ourdemanding customers. Each item of clothing is considered as a piece of art and we take care of all it’s details.

With different personality but with a great overall harmony our brand covers a wide variety of outfits like:

-Made-to-measure suits

-Formal and gala clothing

-Informal-casual clothing




Our customers have the possibility to personalize their outfits and custom some of our products to pre-order them to. Omerta website will enable a rotating 3D model molded with the measurements the customer gives, which can be virtually dressed easily.

Our brand offers radical new designs which can be used in many different environments. Some of them more discreet and others with extravagant details.

We don’t identify ourselves with any style because we are a mixture of many of them but we always ensure high quality materials and finishes.