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A double-breasted pinstripe suit has never looked more stylish. Entirely made in Europe for sustainable production.


You might not know Bugliasco from before, or maybe you have some Bugliasco pocket squares and ties in your wardrobe. Since the launch of the brand in 2020, I’ve always had the dream of creating a new stylish pinstripe suit. And now, I’m incredibly excited to share what I believe is the most stylish pinstripe suit out there.  


The classic take on a pinstripe suit has been black and navy for a long long time. That was something we wanted to change – and stand out from the norm. We early decided that we wanted to bring a fresh take on it by bringing in a green pinstripe suit (that also matches the brand’s color, green). The result? Well, we hope you like it just as much as we do. 




Composition – 80% wool and 20% viscose

Large Lapels

Double-Breasted ( 6 buttons)

Ticket Pockets

Slim Fit

Classic Pocket

Inner Pocket

Made in Istanbul


We are proud of our entire production chain that is based in Europe. this allows us to ensure more sustainable production. Our factory has roots so far back as 1972 and supplies some of the worlds leading fashion brands today. Each factory we work with also goes through an ethical evaluation concerning working conditions, wages, working hours, and the environment. The purpose behind this is to together create a more sustainable and transparent industry.


We want to challenge the established pricing model of today’s industry, where traditional luxury brands markup their prices up 600-800%. Their business model includes distributors, middlemen, retail locations, and expensive marketing. As all these need their margin, the apparel ends up overpriced and unfairly expensive. 

We decided to change that. 



We have also made a second option for you. Or maybe you need both colors?

A classic navy pinstripe suit in the same mix of 80% wool and 20% viscose for giving the suit a more textured look and feel. Comes in the same cut as the green pinstripe.

Small adjustments on the front pockets for giving it a new fresh look. 

Once the campaign is ended we will reach out to everyone with a survey and size guide for you to pick the right size. As soon as we receive your answer we will head over to the production of the suits. 

                                    THE BRAND

I should probably tell a unique story about why I started the brand. 

But the truth is that I have neither a fashion education nor a designer education to tell you about. With Bugliasco its quite simple, but here we go,

Bugliasco was established in the winter of 2020 after a long dream of mine to start my own classic menswear brand. The name actually comes from a town in Italy called Bogliasco. I was on a holiday trip back in 2011 in Italy and ended up in this beautiful city down by the coast. The first thing that took my attention was seeing all these men wearing colorful linen shirts, tailormade shirts with some stunning colorful ties, and

a pair of trousers. For a menswear enthusiast, this was heaven.

With a huge passion for clothes and real craftsmanship (think this comes from my grandma that is an absolute master with her needles, it wasn’t one pair of trousers she couldn’t fix) I decided early on that, all manufacturing would be placed in Europe and made by hand. Today, I am incredibly proud to be able to work with some of the world’s leading artisans and their factories.

Having the opportunity to work with some of the world’s best factories and craftsmen means that I learn something new every single day because I’m still learning by doing. I dream that you will invest in Bugliasco’s long-lasting clothes and accessories that you will wear for years, even decades. With that as a starting point, we can together create a more sustainable and transparent industry.

For those of you just joining us on our journey, welcome and, for those of you who have been traveling with me from the start on, thank you.

Kind regards & stay creative