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Like TikTok. But Better… and American.


        Like TikTok. But Better… and American. 

MadKix is the new American-made Video App that’s loaded with fun, easy-to-use, advanced AI features!

Teenagers all across America (and the world) will be using the hashtag #TikWhat and #TikFlop once they discover MadKix!

With our new mad technology, the MadKix app lets you record, edit, and share all your videos — ALL INSIDE THE APP! “Share Your Video Madness!” Small print: YES, our tech is patent pending. That’s how mad this is!

MadKix gives users new levels of creativity on a safe and secure platform! (Born in the USA! Birth certificates available upon request.)

And the advanced chat feature means users can do EVERYTHING other apps can do all rolled into once mad-ass app! (It could have been called “SnapTok” or “TikChat”, but those names seem so limiting once you start using MadKix!)  

MadKix isn’t the same ol’, tired and typical short video app.

It IS social media.

It IS short, creative fun videos!

It IS American! 

Our tech is the best AI and AR in the world and includes to never-been-done, patent pending technology so user’s experience will be unlike any of these old sleepy “TikYawn” or “NapChat” apps. 

Want a Few Specifics on Why MadKix is better?

You can upload and edit videos using our advanced AI and AR tech that no-one else has.

MadKix incorporates the latest in AI-driven facial detection, background removal and video editing tools.

It’s EXTREMELY different from the other video editing and social sharing apps! Those are based solely on their own algorithms, MadKix uses AI and machine learning to make the user experience MAD!

Our exclusive tech has never been seen before on ANY app or ANY social media.

 What does MadKix look like?  

*Actual final product may vary
We sure think it looks cool

(Did we mention its patent-pending? We did? Okay. Just kinda proud of it*.) 

*We promise we’ll tell you what it is once you become a backer… but it’s really neat.

 What are these cool MadKix features I keep hearing about? 

*Obviously, there’s more features!

 Sure, it sounds great*, but how much is it to use?

MadKix will be completely free forever to download and use. It will be entirely ad-supported, but not in that annoying way you’ve grown to hate.

*Sounds even greater, doesn’t it? 

Your MAD Opportunity is Now! Timing is everything, don’t you think?

We’re sure you’ve heard by now that the US government is trying to kick TikTok out of the country because they’re scared TikTok is sending your data back to China. Who knows if they’re right or not (we don’t)? 

Tell your teenagers not to worry! MadKix is here! We’re safe, secure, and so much more than the old non-American apps.

MadKix is U.S. based, with our servers and cloud located inside the U.S. We will ALWAYS protect your privacy and never share your data without your consent. 

Here’s What You Get When You Pledge!

All supporters who donate $10 or more will get the opportunity to be a part of our closed BETA to help us strengthen and improve our app and get it ready for the market and mass audiences.

You will also have the opportunity to receive various physical and digital goods for your contribution to our campaign. The more you contribute, the more free stuff you receive.

*Plus much more…

Be a Beta Tester for MadKix! 

iPhone or Android?

Are you kidding? This was an easy choice!


MadKix will be available on iOS and Android devices. The initial launch will be in English speaking countries (USA, Canada, UK, and Australia), with other languages to be supported in the future.

 Stretch Goals:

 Who is the CEO? 

Headed by CEO Brian Zheng, creator of Idea To Millions (2019), Azooca Video Mail (2007), Playhut (1994), inventor of EZ Twist Technology (1989), and owner of more than 200 US patents, Brian has had a large number of successes over his 30+ year career, and currently is the head of the companies Arcia LLC and Azooca.

 Our Mad Team 

 Testimonials from current supporters 

Brian Pollack – Entrepreneur in the Food + Hospitality Industry

“I am always looking at exciting new projects to support and MadKix was a no-brainer. This is a chance for everyone to help bring something new to the world!” 

Anthony Loo – Corporate Attorney

“I am constantly hearing about the ‘next big thing’ in various industries, including apps and mobile advancements, but this really is ‘the next big thing’ in social media. This is the perfect time to come out with this product and a great time to be apart of something innovative.”

Caesar Ding – Vice President of Marketing + Sales for ICBC

“I have been supporting small startups and companies for years now but this app truly is one-of-a-kind and an obvious opportunity for anyone. MadKix is remarkably easy to understand and navigate.” 

Brittney Taylor – Freelance Executive Assistant

“This is a fantastic chance to be a part of something bigger! I had to jump on board once I saw what MadKix was about and what it could do.” 

What We’re Asking For?

We plan to have raised $50,000 by the end of October 2020. The funds will be used for marketing, development and support staff, and tech stack.

Due to the current situation in the world, we are speeding up our process and releasing MadKix as soon as possible. 

As featured in:

NBC l FOX l Market Watch l Medium

If you would like to view these articles and more, feel free to visit MadKix.com.

Target launch date

October 2020


What does MadKix do?

Arcia is an innovative corporation dedicated to bringing closeness through digital experiences. Arcia’s newest venture, MadKix, is a social media platform in development that is designed to inspire creativity and self-expression through adaptable video content. Arcia brings a fresh and edgy approach to all social platforms presently in development.

Where will MadKix be in 5 years?

Arcia has created a detailed timeline with projections to amass a valuation of between $2.5 and $5 billion through the creation and development of Arcia’s Mad Family of social media and e-commerce mobile apps.

Why did you choose to create MadKix?

Arcia believes that short-form video content can take on a more dynamic approach. The current social media landscape, in terms of content sharing and user interaction, has become stagnant, with little to excite users. 

Through refined features, iconographic based user flow, and robust toolsets using the most advanced APIs and SDKs available, Arcia has designed a family of app systems that work in conjunction with a single user account. Arcia projects that these changes in the way we utilize social media will change the way that users have access to their content, versatility in cross-platform content sharing, and unify a user experience that has not yet been provided within social media. 

Arcia feels that with these distinct differences in the way social media can be utilized, it is reasonable to expect the financial projections to be met and surpassed within 5 years.

Who are MadKix’s competitors?

Current competitors of MadKix are short-form video sharing apps and sites such as TikTok, Likee, Firework, Snapchat, Instagram, and Youtube.

What makes MadKix different?

MadKix presents an edgy and streamlined visual design that combines robust toolsets as well as ease of content sharing through a unified user account ecosystem.

Why is there a need for MadKix?

In 2020, entertainment, for the most part, has been globally halted due to the Covid pandemic with no projections of resumption in the near future. This information has inspired Arcia to launch a social application in which users can create and share content with other users and fill the void left by the entertainment industry.

How far along is MadKix?

MadKix has presently completed the planning and prototyping stages of development and is currently in the beta development stage. Development is on schedule to be completed within the 4th quarter of 2020 where MadKix will move into the closed beta test cycle.

How will MadKix make money?

MadKix’s revenue model is based upon the usage of in-app advertising, which is generated in proportion to the size of the user base at any given time.

Who is MadKix’s target audience?

MadKix’s target audience is social media users ages 14 to 24 who are well versed in mobile platforms and may use other short-form video applications. These users may likely have influential platforms and large social media followings. These users are comfortable with absorbing new social media trends and actively seek out new ways of creative online expression.

Are you mad enough to support MadKix?!

MadKix: Like TikTok. But Better… and AMERICAN!

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