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MagSafer 2.0 provides multiply input & output MagSafe charging at once.


**Plan E (included MagSafer 1.0 magnetic adapter) is recommended to non-MagSafe users.

15W output charging (maximum)

MagSafer 2.0 supports 15W output charging. If your phone is iPhone 12 or above, you can enjoy 15W output charging.

Mount on MagSafer 1.0

Hold your MagSafer 2.0 and phone on any surface that has a MagSafer 1.0. Charge your phone and keep your phone clean while you are washing your face, cooking or working.

The MagSafe-able Ultimate Wireless Charger

It is no longer a struggle for you to charge and talk on the phone at the same time. The MagSafer 2.0 Wireless Charger can let you access your device more freely.

Charge Together with Type-C Charger (20W output)

MagSafer 2.0 is able to charge your phone wirelessly while using Type-C to charge another phone.

Phone Stand

Use this attached stand to watch videos with your friends! Set your device at different angles without using an additional phone stand to minimize your belongings.

Charging at once

MagSafer 2.0 is a wireless power bank that charge your phone wirelessly while using Type C-PD for fast charging.  Charge different devices at the same time.


Charging underwater. If you join Plan E, you may choose to have a waterproof version of MagSafer 2.0. The waterproof version will be unlocked after reaching 2 million HKD.

**Only Merlin blue have a waterproof function.

MagSafer 2.0 (charging iPhone):

Phone battery level (before): 79%

Phone battery level (after charging): 88%

Increase 0.75% per minute.

Temperature: 30.1°C

MagSafer 2.0 (charging Android phone):

Phone battery level (before): 46%

Phone battery level (after charging): 53%

Increase 0.70% per minute.

Temperature: 34.4°C

(non-MagSafe phones will stick with MagSafer 2.0 more stably by using MagSafer 1.0 magnet)

Apple wireless charger:

Phone battery level (before): 71%

Phone battery level (after charging): 78%

Increase 0.67% per minute.

Temperature: 36.5°C

Wireless power bank by other brands:

Phone battery level (before): 51%

Phone battery level (after charging): 53%

Increase 0.19% per minute.

Temperature: 42.1°C

MagSafer 2.0 WATERPROOF version (charging iPhone):

Phone battery level (before): 79%

Phone battery level (after charging): 87%

Increase 0.8% per minute.

Temperature: 28°C

Regarding the recent market, there is no reference product that is able to input and output charging wirelessly at once. We have redesigned and improved the program and finally, we succeeded in going from failure to failure without loss of our enthusiasm.  We have made a prototype in our studio to make sure our concept is working.

From our previous experiences, we have gathered up a better plan for the delivery of our pledges. The sheltered workshop has been helping with our delivery for the past month and has been doing a phenomenal job with them. We will continue to appoint them to assist us in completing the fulfillments for our backers. Everything will be packaged and personally taken to Hong Kong Post to be delivered with the help of them.

Shipping costs may vary depending on the final product weight. We aimed to provide a transparent and convenient delivery service for you. Both of these services will have tracking and we will provide the tracking number through email once your order is sent.

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