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Nov 05, 2020
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Jan 04, 2021

cosméticos para mujeres de 22 a 40 años, con diseños únicos basados en la diversidad y tradición de México.


I have been thinking for a long time about how I could export the tradition, culture and customs of a country to share them with the whole world.

that’s why the idea of creating a line of cosmetics based on the traditions and culture arises, the biggest challenge was to translate them into something and the best thing about them being cosmetics is that you can capture the colors of almost anything and that they are carried to highlight the beauty of people. 

the time i have planned to carry out this project is 6 months to have all the final product ready and start selling online, contacting suppliers, designing and developing the packaging, designing and developing online store and designing the products is a very big challenge but the results will be even bigger and finally we can share with the world our creations.

I currently have a small capital of $1000 USD of my savings however it is not enough to start but I know that with your help everything will be possible, because in the end I do everything to deliver the best of each culture in a product that can enhance your beauty even more.