$19 raised out of $150,000

Fine jewelry, handcrafted of sterling silver and 22k gold plated, quality jewelry to accompany you in time.


I need your help to launch my brand MANNUK to the market, fine jewelry, handcrafted of sterling silver and 22k gold plated, quality jewelry to accompany you in time.

This brand is made with soul, heart, and joy to bring treasures into your lives.

With this campaign I will produce the first MANNUK Jewelry collection and I will finish my online store, to offer my creations to the world

What is MANNUK ?

MANNUK is an emerging brand of fine jewelry, made in Mexico City that offers quality in its materials and quality in its designs, it seeks to promote the use of jewelry that lasts over time, they are pieces of jewelry made by hand of sterling silver .925 and vermeil (sterling silver .925 with 22k gold plating), with organic, unique, fun designs and with a touch of elegance. The materials used are of ethical origin and free of conflict.

The purpose of the brand is to offer products that inspire, that generate sensations and emotions so that stories are created around each piece which will give a special meaning to each jewel, because for MANNUK that is exactly a jewel, something that over time represent moments and memories that you can take with you physically, and allow you to return to those moments every time you look at it, in addition to the beauty of the piece itself.

History behind MANNUK Jewelry

My name is Mariana Moreno I am a creator and designer of MANNUK. Thank you for giving you the time to read, I want to tell you what this is about, MANNUK is the project of my life, since I was little I have been a jewelry lover, especially thanks to my grandmother, she was the happiest wearing jewelry of all kinds and I I looked so pretty and I told myself that when I grew up I would wear as much jewelry as possible, because I liked how each piece of jewelry enhanced the beauty of my grandmother, and I thought when I saw her “She looks like a movie star”.

One day my grandmother started a business to sell silver jewelry in Mexico City, I remember that she took me when I was a child to help her, she put my sister and me to clean the silver, to order displays, to select pieces We also helped her sell and I loved going with her to that magical little place full of jewelry, and then I would see the earrings, the rings, the necklaces and I thought, “I would put this other stone on it or add this and that”. So I began to imagine that I was designing my own jewelry.

Time passed and for one thing or another, I did not study jewelry until I finished my degree in Conservation and Restoration of cultural heritage, I worked for a while on that and then my traveling spirit led me to live other experiences, one day I returned to México city to live there and after a season of working on something else that did not make me happy, I decided to do everything to achieve my dream and that dream is this brand, MANNUK Jewelry so I decided to learn the jeweler’s trade to know the processes and the basic techniques to create jewelry, because I love working with my hands and creating things, so it was that I came to Prezzi my jewelry school that I love so much and it has taught me so much, I learned a lot although even today I continue learning the trade, but thanks to it I was able to make my first designs, every day I seek to learn new techniques to carry out all the designs that I have in my mind and my heart, jewels that I would like to share and that by acquiring them, you can create a story around that jewel and give it a special meaning.

I am a girl who has worked very hard to achieve what I have from my project, as I tell you, I learned the basic techniques of the jeweler’s trade, I have designed and executed the production of my sample pieces, one by one, I made my own molds, I looked for the ideal name for my brand, I sketched and developed the logo of my brand, I am learning and developing my own online store from scratch, I do everything with love, passion and commitment, because I believe in this project.

I just need resources to be able to make my first MANNUK jewelry production, and to be able to share it with the world through my online store that is in process and that is what you are for, you can contribute to this project that is made with soul and in exchange in addition to the satisfaction of financing the project of an enterprising girl with a great desire to get ahead and create a jewelry brand that transmits joy, tranquility, love, strength, well that generates emotions, you will receive a reward made from the heart.

You can take the opportunity to anticipate your end-of-the-year gifts, since the rewards will arrive with you no later than mid-December

What will I do with the financing?

  • I will finish developing the online store
  • I will produce my first collection in order to have enough stock to launch my online store.
  • I will produce the reward pieces for you
  • I will use some resources for brand marketing.
  • And if this goes very well and exceeds the desired goal, I will use it to buy materials and tools to continue designing and creating MANNUK jewelry pieces for future collections. I already have the next collection displayed, it will be with colored zirconias.

How does this kickstarter help works?

I have a goal of raising at least $150,000 MXN to start my first production. YOU have the opportunity to support me and be a “sponsor” of the project! If I reach that goal, I will have the funds necessary to manufacture all the MANNUK Jewelry pieces that I will send to all the backers as “rewards” in addition to the plans I already mentioned. In the extremely sad case that the project does not reach the goal, no one will be charged to the credit card and therefore no one receives their MANNUK jewelry pieces 🙁 … That is, the project is all or nothing, At the end of the campaign days, if the goal is completed, which I trust it will be, at that moment your bank card will be charged, if the goal is not achieved, the charge will not be made, it is a team effort.! !! So please help me share this page with your friends, family and people you know so that we can all see these MANNUK jewelry pieces come to life together!


I hope the rewards make you happy, or  it will make someone to whom you want to give a MANNUK jewel happy. 

Thank you for helping me realize my project, my dream, my MANNUK jewelry brand.

  • If you are interested in creating your own reward, for example if you want to acquire several pieces you can contact me by going to my creator photo (Biography) and send me a message, thank you very much

The approximate equivalent of the Mexican peso MXN to dollar USD is:

 21.50 MXN = 1 USD


$500 MXN  Mug with the MANNUK logo and the legend You are the best. !!

This reward is exclusive to the kickstarter campaign

$ 820 MXN  Half moon ring, shiny smooth finish, simple and elegant at the same time

$850 MXN Be one of the first to have this Sweet Star Pendant, you can choose one of the three models ((Includes 45cm sterling silver chain)

 $850 MXN  Moon Letter Pendant with or without granules or star with or without granules (only 1 of the 4 designs) (Includes 45cm sterling silver chain)

 $850 MXN  Magic Moon Pendant or Magic Star Pendant (Includes 45cm sterling silver chain)

$ 950 MXN  Oval ring with granules or Engraved Sun Flare Ring

 $ 950 MXN  Small Sweet Star Earrings, you can choose one of the two designs (with or without granules)

$ 990 MXN  Star frame pendant with grainy (Includes 45cm sterling silver chain)

$ 990 MXN Pendant with the constellation of your sign. (Includes 45cm sterling silver chain) 

  • In the photo Scorpio and Cancer are not in silver, they are a sample, yours will be in sterling silver

$ 1,050 MXN  SUN Pendant or NORTH STAR Pendant (Includes 45cm sterling silver chain)

$1,150 MXN  Star signet ring or Circle ring with granules

$1,200 MXN  Long Star Stud Earrings with granules

 $1,350 MXN  Moon Seal Ring or Oval Shiny Star Ring

$ 1,350 MXN  Eclipse letter earrings with glossy finish or grainy finish

$1,350  Magic MOON-STAR Earrings

$ 1,550 MXN  Long SUN earrings or NORTH STAR long earrings

 $1,600 MXN  Wide band ring with granules

$1,600 MXN   Star frame earrings with grainy

 $1,650 MXN Wavy bracelet with smooth shiny finish, includes engraving of a short phrase or name or simple symbol or if you prefer, without engraving

 $1,650 MXN  Moon frame earrings with smooth shiny or grained finish

$1,650  Geometric earrings with Moon and Star

  • Each piece is handmade, engraved behind with the MANNUK logo and the 925 sterling silver stamp.

Ring sizes will be collected after campaign is complete

 To get your size correct, use a soft tailored tape measure to check the circumference of the finger you would like to wear your ring on. The best time of day to measure is at night, when the finger is at its largest. Avoid measuring when you’re cold, as your fingers are at least half a size smaller.

Each piece will have a special packaging with the MANNUK logo.

It could be a nice gift. !!!




Mariana Moreno