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Marine Aquaculture Hatchery & Science Learning Center
100% Off-Grid, 100% EcoGreen.


Mandarin Oriental Hotel & Residences, Bahamas.

My Name is Angelo Fernandez and I need your support. The land has been donated by Neptune Island developers, 100% Off-Grid. No water or electric bill ever.

The Marine Aquaculture Program focuses on the technological, environmental, and economical feasibility of sustainable Marine aquaculture operations. 


Marine Conservation, tropical marine ecosystem management, fisheries management preservation. Re-habitat fisheries. Marine science learning center.

With your help and the guidance of Dr. Benetti from The University of Miami, we are set for success. Success will be measure as to how much fresh food we can provide free to the poor and people in need. Our success is working together with Dr. Benetti and his staff.  Recent graduates will offer employment, interns, volunteers, and other staff.

100% Off-Grid-Eco-Green project.

In the spotlight with Ambassadors National Geographic & the Cousteau Foundation.

I grew up by the sea and is sad to see how depleted and dirty our oceans are getting. This Hatchery will provide food for the entire island, for the poor, and also be able to release hatchlings 3/4 times a year into our surrounding ocean & reefs.

We all can do more to live a more sustainable life and help society & our oceans. 

We can do both !!

Professional Experience: 

Caribbean Residential Investment, Corp. 1989 to 2017- International Sales Director For 2 of the biggest Textile companies in the US. https://www.linkedin.com/in/angelo-fernandez-6166b846/