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A song with the potential to become a smash hit that will launch my career as a world superstar


I am an 18 year old boy who is chasing his dream, I want to become the greatest superstar in the world, get my songs everywhere and be one of those who is helping to innovate the face of music, the sound and the music industry  .

 I want to break through every barrier and reach out to people all over the world.

 be a reference for many people in the world and get to create global phenomenon , singles at the top of the charts, albums that will become a mass phenomenon, bring innovation and influence in video clips and choreography. i want to start humanitarian activities that have music as their theme and be able to bring smiles to people through my music. I am a very determined, talented and quick learner.  once I have achieved success, I can’t wait to sacrifice my life to constant training in singing, dancing and songwriting 24/7. all the stars of now started with funds that took them to the top, that’s how the music industry works.  I on my side have the fact that for these songs I’m working with producers who have won all the most important awards and countless platinum records like Ariel Chobaz and the fact that my song is a hit ready for the record market, already a lot  companies have rated it as a song with maximum potential, from famous tiktokers like Sommer Ray and Bella Poarch to radio marketing companies like Loggings Promotions.  all of them would be proud to sponsor it for the potential it has, and I need your funds to promote my single with global marketing, sponsorship and possibly a featuring with already very important artists.