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Apr 26, 2022
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Jun 10, 2022

Make a shopping list and navigate through your local grocery store to all your items just like driving with a GPS app.

making a shopping list and route through store

MarketMaps is a mobile application that is engineered for customers to make a shopping list and navigate them around their local grocery store to each item like a GPS. My name is Adam and I am a 29 year old speech-language pathologist and entrepreneur from Massachusetts. I consider myself a very average customer when it comes to grocery shopping. And more importantly, I loathe it.

I invented the idea of MarketMaps in 2021 when it became too expensive to keep grocery shopping online with Instacart or using food delivery services like HelloFresh. So I would find myself going to the store, jumping from aisle 2 to 12, asking employees, and then back to aisle 1, not being able to find my items easily. I couldn’t stand the whole process or the crowds of other poor souls aimlessly wandering in search of their items just like me. It was the last thing I wanted to do after a long day of work.

digitized 3D map of store

Here’s how it works:

  • You make a shopping list           
  • The app shows you the total price of your list as well as any out-of-stock items
  • You hit ”start shopping”
  • The app uses a digital map of the store and pathfinding technology to lead you to each of your listed items in the store just like GPS
  • You will also see digital coupons/sales, item descriptions, and item suggestions
  • You go to the checkout line with all of your items quicker than ever and cheaper than online/delivery services
  • You can also see your previous shopping lists, share lists, and create social shopping profiles with friends and family

The Plan: 

I have partnered with a company called mappedin who creates digital mapping and pathfinding technology for grocery stores and various locations (e.g., stadiums, venues, malls). I have also contracted an app development  company called Tekrevol. Together, we have all met several times and have hammered out the details to bring MarketMaps to life. We are ready to begin app development as soon as I can fund the project. That is where you beautiful people come in.

Listen, average grocery shoppers just want to get their food and go home, but stores, understandably, want them to spend more. Here is the solution to both. The idea to rely on shoppers getting “lost” in the store and hopefully purchasing more is outdated. Streamlining the shopping experience allows for a decrease in shopper frustration while increasing foot traffic and sales. With features like digital coupons, promotions, and item suggestions, customers will make their purchases and be out of the store quicker. 

MarketMaps brings the convenience and want for the in-store shopping experience back to customers.

route to item with options

When I created the idea of MarketMaps, all I wanted was to make this experience real so that an essential activity of life could be more convenient, affordable, and enjoyable to myself and everyone. All I could think about was not who would use this app if it existed, but who wouldn’t.