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2 Wind Speed | Dual Way Wind Flow | Magnetic Clip Design | 14 Hours Battery


Everything has changed. The landscape that we can see from our windows is almost surreal: People now walk with gloves and masks. And we are still unclear when the situation would turn better.

Wearing masks is one of the most important ways to protect ourselves. But without handling them correctly, you may not get proper protection, risking your health.

Meet MASK FAN, a ventilation fan with built-in UV-C is specifically designed to improve airflow when wearing masks, the inhale and exhale air will be purified, it also comes with a charging case equipped with high-intensity UV-C, that can keep Mask Fan sanitized.

No matter what type of mask you are wearing, it’s making you less comfortable when breathing because of the filters and the moisture accumulating in your mask, worse if you have sensitive skin.

And what’s worse is that moisture will damage the functionality of your mask by weakening the heart of masks, the electrostatic adsorption layer, reducing the static electricity in the filters. That’s why it is not recommended to use surgical masks extensively because we create moisture while talking or sweating. 

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The Mask Fan uses magnetic clips that allow you to secure it on masks easily, and they are secure enough for simple exercises like working out or jogging. You can adjust its position or remove it with ease. The clips will not damage the mask or affect its efficiency and can be applied to various masks.

Everyone has their own masks that they think are safe and reliable, and Mask Fan will not be restricted by your choice.  It is available on any mask such as KN95, surgical mask or fabric mask.  

 UV-C light is one of the safest and most effective UV light for purification, each Mask Fan comes with a built-in UV-C LED light to provide extra air purification.

We use top class 275nm UV-C LED with an intensity of 11.5mW, the air going through the fans can be purified in real-time.

Mask Fan air flow complies with American ASTM F2100/F2101 and EN 14683 standards (28.3lpm/min – 85lpm/min), and it is completely safe for mask using.

But if you are looking for even stronger ventilation. Mask Fan also has a unique reversible design, with exhaustion mode on one side and inhalation mode on the other side. You can switch between two modes according to your needs.

Simply put on two fans for enhanced exhaustion or inhalation. You can even create enhanced air circulation by applying the fans on each side.

It is made with light weighted but durable materials for prolonged usage. it will not affect your mask’s functionality and durability. the fans are also water-resistant, so you can use it even on rainy days.

The portable charging case can store 2 fans and delivers 14 hours of battery life o keep your Mask Fans on the go.

 When the fans are being placed back to the charging case, the built-in UV-C LED lights in the case will sanitise the fans, keeping you safe from each use.

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