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Start date
Dec 31, 2020
Close date
Jan 30, 2021

This project is the beginning of a global network platform for influencers, their fans and brands that are looking for influencers.


Me/My Social networking App for brands & influencers

Let us start the year 2021 with something great. So – Listen my friend: 

We go from dark red(open your red vine or your beer here) to yellow. And from yellow to blue. Follow me through the first color. RED.

 Me/My for Brands: 

What could be nicer than wasting tons of money on Facebook or Google and not really reaching your target audience? Correct. However, there is one person who is your real megaphone and who goes by one name: an influencer.

You are not fighting a fight with Click Bots or Like Bots, which ultimately just suck some of the money out of your pocket that you want to use to sell your product to men or women.

An influencer would like to be found by you here, to advertise your product and he/she already brings a very important point with him/her: an audience that has washed itself and fits your selection. The subtle difference here: It’s people who follow people. Because they want it. They celebrate their role models, want advertising and that creates jobs. These are the advertising opportunities for your product in the first place. Right?

 You waste less money and time. This is what the future of advertising looks like. Film influencer – never heard of something like this? Neither do I, but we’ll just create the area here.

Which search engine and network can be better than an influencer brand search engine? Vice versa too. There is only one option when it comes to collaboration. You connect. Feed your network and your network will feed you.

In total, that makes 3 plus points for brands: You have the audience that your product deserves. You have the influencer who wants to do it for you and you can control how your product goes through the roof.

Information you need: What power has your influencer?

Black Friday is right under your nose and offers still need to be distributed quickly. Does your influencer have time?

Let us change color and follow me through YELLOW. The sunshine in this project. Our influencers.

 Me/My for Influencer: 

You will have completely new ways of presenting yourself here. A very simple approach: An actor/actress has to advertise himself/herself clearly on stage, but he/she does it much more successfully in the background with precise demo material.

 There are 3 spaces for you to catch your audience.

One: Sure you have your fans, bring them here too and your next collaboration is not far. Real fans do this for you. They follow you wherever you want.

 Two: Show companies what you can do. Even if you have not yet worked in the area you are looking for. Your business will expand, your audience will grow, and you can finally see all your talent. That’s what companies want. Talent. Inspirational talent.

Three: Real fans also want exclusive content. Exclusive deals. You offer them under “hidden content” and show what is going on behind the scenes with you. Your job is clearly called influencer, of course, but so is your life.

Be your own manager – Take a payment or negotiate

Brands can bundle urgent collaborations in a pool, and if you fit in, then you simply take action

Let’s get to blue. What? You haven’t even sipped your wine or beer? 

So it was exciting. I understand. Before you reach for your wallet and become a supporter, here is the fan area. BLUE.

 Me/My for Fans:  

Without the audience of influencers, the job title would not be possible at all. And that’s not a lie. It’s just like that. It is like it is.

The fans are not third party cookies here. You really want a piece of the cake. Support your influencer with a subscription, monitor and take deals. Maybe fans also want to become an influencer. Let’s pave the way for them.


The possible options are listed in the first levels for your support. Look at them. 

  • Brand Level 1-3 / and Level 3 Lifetime
  • Influencer Level 1-3 / and Level 3 Lifetime
  • Fan Level 1- 3

At this point everything is a “can” and nothing is a “must”. If smaller levels disappear, you will be upgraded. Of course, if other features are shown at a lower level, you will benefit from them.  But now let’s make the project a success first. 

Cheers. And finally, empty your wine or beer, my friend!