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Meet, befriend & Chat to people through live , real time VDO streaming Stalkchat ‘s host IP cameras which locate around the world


What you are expecting of watching  live streaming video from the *public IP cameras? What will you get from it ? maybe your answer are just security purpose or viewing people and live view of scenario  on that place at that time , that’s it ? right ? nothing more ?

Let ‘s see if you are watching the public IP cameras and you can make friend or befriend with someone in the scene of  live streaming video from the IP camera but it is impossible to do that then you will lose your chance to befriend with that person  forever after they have gone from the scene because that person  may not be back on the scene of that IP camera again as the same as your real  life when you are on some places and you see someone but you are shy or you do not go to befriend with them after they are gone, You  will lose the chance to befriend them forever.

But StalkChat, solves all of these problems through our app and web.


** Please imagine ** , you are watching the ** live streaming video from one of ** a  Santa Monica *public IP camera that you have seen above, so in the scenario of live streaming video above

above , every persons are moving or doing their activity and *you might be interested in someone on the scene and you want to befriend with them. **Until now there is no technology to do it, but StalkChat fulfills your dream come true. As you can see the icon of  bubble of the belonging profile above the head of person who has StalkChat app in their phone, once they are on the scenario of the Stalkchat IP camera ‘s view or they are in front of the Stalkchat IP camera, you can see them with the icon of bubble above their head , from  anywhere in the world , you also can send the friend request to them and once they accept you as a new friend, you and him/her can chat together. Cool !! Awesome !! right ?


From the “Home” page you can easily search through our featured or high rated cameras selection that are placed on popular locations around the world, or you can search any other location by dragging the map window interactively, the cameras are placed on that location will be refreshed automatically, or you can just type any location on the search bar as well.

Stalkchat IP cameras location on the interactive map

Stalkchat Honorary IP Cameras ‘s page

“Honorary Cameras” are Exclusive but most important Memorable place on StalkChat where we exhibit the cameras from our earliest and initial supporters and backers. , these cameras will never be taken down regardless of rating or views,*  unless not comply the term and agreements , these Honorary cameras will be arranged by earliest to latest supporter or timeline, this will continue as long as StalkChat it’s still running.

* there are limit , only 999 exclusive “Honorary Cameras” all over the world 

Windowed Live Camera view” and a “Live Public Chat”

Whenever you click on any Stalkchat camera from the home page, you will come to the camera page itself, where we feature a “Windowed Live Camera view” and a “Live Public Chat” for that camera which includes the viewers ‘s comments on the bottom


-Neither the “Video Live feed” nor the “Live Public Chat window” are being recorded or stored on any manner, We only Pass-through the real-time live video Stream. We never store or track the user ‘s position or location too. “So if you see the interesting person and you do not send a friend request to them , you will lose the chance to meet or befriend them forever once they already have gone from the live streaming video view from the camera view because you can not rewind or reverse it back”

-Even we make use of IP Cameras and they are commonly known for Security . But the purpose of this project is not for the security or surveillance ” but to meet , befriend and chat to new people around the world “

-We do NOT make use of any form of Face Recognition or Motion Detection.

Bubble of the belonging profile picture

On the camera view, you will be able to see a “bubble” with their belonging “profile picture”, following each StalkChat user, you will be able to click or tap any bubble and as easy as send a friend request and later on be able to chat with them as they will be added to your friends list, this will be achieved by using UWB (Ultra Wideband) Technology positioning and the “bubble” will only be shown if the user’s phone is UWB compatible, IF the user’s phone is not compatible with the UWB technology, the Stalkchat app on the phone will automatically work by using regular “Bluetooth”, We will display a Scrolling Section on the very left side of the camera view which is going to be simply based on proximity or (RSSI), (Right now the iPhone 11 (all models (Pro, Pro Max)), iPhone 12 (all models (mini, Pro, Pro Max)) ,iPhone 13 (all models (mini, Pro, Pro Max)),  Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Samsung S21 Plus (+) and Ultra models only, Samsung S22 Plus (+) and Ultra models only, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 , Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, Xiaomi MIX4 ,all equipped UWB technology) and we believe in the future ,all smartphones will be equipped UWB technology soon to obtain the indoor/outdoor positioning precisely.

* to see the List of UWB-enabled mobile devices URL link below


The Public Live Chat on the right side is a regular everybody’s chat for any StalkChat user on that specific camera.

The Public Live Chat on the right side is a regular everybody’s chat for any StalkChat user on that specific camera.

The camera ‘s comments from the viewers are bottom.

An user ‘s profile page

-This is a very Simple User Profile, we display your online friends and your favorite cameras.

Friends list

-The Friends Tab is where you can mainly find horizontal scrolling lists with all of your Friends, Friends Requests and Requests Sent, here you can dismiss or grab any friend request you want.

-On the Chat Tab, you can chat any of your current friends and you can preview previous messages as usual.


When you want to join your IP camera to StalkChat, you will be our host, you can make income as like your business with Stalkchat, we will share our income to you, for example,  an user pays StalkChat 5 dollars,for using the service within 1 week , such as watching any live streaming video content  and can send friend request , we will share our income from an user to the host of StalkChat camera 80% of 5 dollars, it is 4 dollars or 0.023 dollar per hour , so every time when an user pays 5 dollars and watch your camera one week, StalkChat pays you(host) 4 dollars, StalkChat gets 1 dollar.

When an user chooses the one week subscription service, that is  5 dollars . StalkChat will pay you(host)  0.023 dollar per hour to any host of StalkChat camera,  we will sum all of time duration from any users who watch your camera totally within one week and pay you(host)

Ex. Your camera in Los Angeles, Sta. Monica Pier, there are 100,000 users watch your camera within one week and the accumulation of time duration from all users is 10,000 hours per one week, StalkChat pays you(host) 230 dollars , this is your income because you are the host of StalkChat camera

*** In case , you want to be the host of StalkChat camera  but you do not have your own camera and our equipment , you can support us 2,500 dollars. Our StalkChat team, we will go to your place anywhere in the world to setup everything perfectly with our camera and equipment then your camera and your place will be connected to StalkChat and your camera will be on the list of our “Honorary Cameras” web page by the timeline you join with us, we never care how many viewers you have in your camera, we will rank you on the list by timeline. because you Support us in our early time establishing StalkChat ***

Stalkchat IP camera ‘s host

Adding or joining your IP camera to Stalkchat page

A IP camera host income ‘ s report page

StalkChat is a very enthusiastic team that works together to bring people from around the world to meet ,befriend to new and interesting friends, we achieve this by first allowing any public place , malls, touristic places ,bar ,restaurant , beaches stores owners to install cameras on their establishment which will also have an income or revenue from the watching time duration of users, if you create an account on StalkChat and stand in front of a live camera ,you can be seen and people from around the world are able to send you a friend request, as well you can do so by finding one of our live cameras on a popular place you like and you will be able to send a friend request to any StalkChat user who is standing in front of the live camera.

we are constructing the project , you can see see the live update and work progress everyday through our Stalkchat website

*Please visit us at**


Available soon on  App Store and Google Play store

created by StalkChat team

StalkChat team:

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