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Start date
Apr 29, 2022
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Jun 03, 2022

We are creating a new way for Industrial companies to hire and connect with talent.

Connecting talent with opportunities.

MFGWorx is dedicated to helping Manufacturing, Skilled Trades, Industrial facilities find the workforce they need! Now more than ever, there’s a huge trades labor shortage and it is impacting production facilities every day. Labor shortages are causing companies to close down, people losing their jobs, costs of goods increasing, and most importantly pushing the next generation away from these industries.

We are on a mission to change this. MFGWorx is looking to do what no other hiring platform has even attempted. Use Technology to close the talent gap, provide facilities the support they need, provide candidates great opportunities and connecting them with training programs within the industry, and work as a full stop shop for employers (hiring, employee development, and staffing assistance).

So what is MFGWorx? 

MFGWorx is a one stop shop platform for candidates and companies within the Manufacturing, Industrial, and Skilled Trades industries. 

What do we provide for employers? 

We are developing a platform where facilities can create a Company profile, post their jobs and have a real live recruiting team assisting their search every step of the way. Our platform would enable companies to have a full virtual recruiting team provided on our end and access to our job board platform to recruit on their own. Our software would have smart matching where keyword based searches will help cut time to fill and find the right talent. Our platform will also provide companies the ability to connect with training programs to develop their internal employees and encourage further knowledge of the industry. 

Companies spend thousands of dollars to hire ONE individual. With our platform they would average FIVE quality hires for less. 

Where will the funds go?

Funds would be used to enhance candidate and company experience, and have a greater reach. Spreading awareness of this talent gap and the future of the industrial workforce is #1 to us. We have piloted our services and gotten feedback. Companies are very interested, as we have created a service that targets their industry, and understands their current employment hardships.