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Alternative energy for the masses should be affordable, easy to install, and last for decades. We have five products, one solution.


When the sun goes down, solar panels stop making power, yet wind power never stops, day or night.  When the rain starts, clouds block sunlight. Micro-grid power generation and storage need to balance renewable energy sources at your location.  

Micro-grid Power Generation Storage & Distribution Points

Plug in, turn on, and drop out.  We are raising funds on Kickstarter to build solar, wind, water, storage and distribution for microgrid technology.  ANEW is committed to providing an open source environment that supports building out microgrid renewable economies at scale.   

5KW Wind Turbine – $2,300

Low wind speed turbines have been overlooked as a renewable energy source.  We have developed a turbine that is designed to operate at very low wind speeds <3MPH with a cluster of 12 drone small motors and a digital transmission.  It’s time to optimize your microgrid with what we refer to at the shop as “the good egg.” 

Water Power Generator – $550

Every rooftop stores potential energy in the form of hydro power when it rains.  ANEW has designed a transparent water turbine that mounts at the bottom of your downspout.  Packed with (4X) drone motors,  This equipment has LED light bars that provide power and service signal light signal.   Hack it, change it, we have an open source planform for you to optimize it all for your site location.    

Smart Solar – $150

Most solar owners are unaware that their solar panels need cleaning.  When panels get dirty power generation is diminished.  Solar panels and cleaning services relationships are now connected.  Set reminders to yourself to get out and hose things down, or automate these processes with service providers that use drones to keep you going at full power.  

Bifacial Smart Solar With Reflective Structure – $1,500

Two sided solar panels are better than one.  We are creating a 1 KW, (2) sided solar panel with a reflective structure.  Material include: stainless steel, die cast aluminum, and reinforced plastics.  ANEW has onboard monitoring with our smart solar technology.  Just bolt things down, plug the MC4 connectors together, and you’re on your way to a more efficient solar solution.  Its’ super easy to connect.

24KWh Storage & Distribution Power Pack – $9,750

Renewable energy needs a central power management point.  The ANEW 24KWh power pack is designed with the latest storage media.  We believe that the lithium ion battery is leaving us soon with “ultra capacitors” as the replacement technology.  The powerpack mounts outdoors next to your meter where grid integration complexities are minimal.  Onboard electronics let you sell extra power off to the grid or lets you leave it all behind.  

Plug & Power Cable Connector Kit – $650

Are you a DIY guy or gal?  Here is a 40 termination kit with everything needed to plug generators together into your power pack.  Lowes or Home Depot have grey glueable conduit that you can run to meet code.  Just pull the wires in pairs (red/black) then terminate the cable when you drop into your distribution point. Its’ a good idea to bring in an electricians to connect high power and help support your local regulations.  This kit includes: 1,000 feet of each color wire, (40 pairs) MC4 male/female solar connectors. 1 crimping tool.

E-Scout – Energy Connector App – $0.00

The glue that brings all things renewable together into one comprehensive micro-grid needs to function as a site audit tool, a connector to certified installers, and a path to equipment lending. E-Scout is our mobile app that consolidates everything needed to bring your microgrid online and keep things going.     

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