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Dec 29, 2020
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Feb 27, 2021

Hand made HTC VIVE and Index full body tracker battery packs for a cable free charging solution!


Introducing the Midnight Tech Power Puck!

Extend your full body trackers battery life by joining our VR energy revolution!

Midnight Tech, LLC, is a small business started in May of 2020. We began this project in an effort to solve the battery life issues for the HTC VIVE and Index full body trackers. What began as an endeavor to extend the trackers’ battery life for personal use has grown into providing these unparalleled energy solutions in a powerful new product already available for purchase as preproduction models.

The HTC VIVE and Index full body trackers provide a base level of about 3 hours of battery life. Other manufacturers offer battery packs that charge the trackers using a micro-USB cable that can get in the way, be stepped on and is easily broken.

Midnight Tech will offer two tiers of battery packs:

  • Power Puck Basic (1000MAH) (6 hours of additional charge)
  • Power Puck Pro (2000MAH) (12 hours of additional charge)
Current battery packs shown are 3d printed and being sold as pre production units.

The Power Puck battery packs charge the trackers through contact pads for an additional 6 or 12 hours of usage. The Power Puck’s unique design replaces a wired connection with contact pads for a cable-free charging solution that can be turned on or off with just one button; offering added comfort, ease of mobility and reduced wear and tear on the tracker.

The Puck’s Invisible aesthetic blends with the tracker’s own design for a clean look.

This Kickstarter will fund:

  •  Injection Molding: Currently, the battery packs are made using 3D printing. By investing in injection molding technology, we will be able to offer a more durable product with a smoother finish. This method will also produce less waste and reduces production costs.
  •  Custom PCB for Easier Assembly: Currently, the product’s internal components are hand soldered. By commissioning a custom-made printed circuit board, we can streamline the assembly process to produce more volume to meet consumer demand.
  •  Secure Reliable Supply of Components: Currently we order our components from 3rd party suppliers, 6 batteries at a time. By gaining access to increased funding, we can transition to ordering components in bulk from a 1st party supplier, allowing for the shipment of up to 2000 batteries at a time. This will save time in production by eliminating significant waiting periods for the arrival of shipments.
3D printed examples of the olde 3d printed power puck on the left, and on the right a example of the injection molded design 3d printed.
close up example of a unfinished battery pack in their current prototype stage next to a finished fully assembled prototype

Demo installation and working of battery pack

The Power Pucks are currently 3D printed using PLA+ plastic and will be produced via injection molding in the future. The pucks will continue to be assembled by hand and individually tested for performance. Each kit will come with a card showing the testing stats and performance of the individual battery packs.

For Video instructions on installation and theory of operation:


This project is the first of several currently in development and planned for development at Midnight Tech. The success of the Power Pucks will help the further development of these projects as well as help grow the business. You can find more information at our website: