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Intelligently growing and connecting with peers.


The Problem

Mental health conditions have been increasing worldwide according to the World Health Organization (WHO). In recent years, more and more people are dealing with mental health problems of various severity. However, due to societal stigma and lack of related resources, there exists a general lack of awareness of mental health, which complicates their situations for them. Generally, mental health patients report that they encounter difficulties to find acceptance and those who understand their conditions, experience disregard and denial, and lack access to a safe place where they can deal with personal challenges.

The Solution

We’ve created Mindbud, an AI-powered mental health app, to help those with mental health challenges gain the support they need. 

By using AI to facilitate match-making, you can form connections online with those who are similar to you and build a support network of people who get you. From personalized education lessons about your mental health, you can better understand who you are on this journey and even find self-acceptance along the way.

 How It Works

You can sign up for an account with MindBud, giving you access to choose or customize the figures of your personalized AI assistant.

After you are registered with MindBud, you can chat with AI and let AI guide you. Your AI assistant will always be there to guide and support you through the entire journey.

Once your AI assistant has gotten to know you through conversations, it will help match you with others in the community based on your shared experiences and the aspects of your life that matter most to you. In a safe space facilitated by our AI, you can connect with others you know already understand you, removing the uncertainty in forming a support network online.

Throughout your self-growth journey, your AI assistant will suggest personalized and science-based lessons so you can learn more about your mental health and ways to manage it.

How We’ll Make It Happen

We plan to ramp up the development of our platform in the next 5 months. While our team has a strong design background, we require funding to hire one machine learning engineer to train our powerful and personalized AI, one software development engineer to develop and maintain our server, and one psychologist to design science-based lessons. Your funding will ultimately help us reach a well-developed application by January 2023.

The Rewards

1. $5 – Sunflower plant seeds

2. $10 – Journal + Pen

3. $20 – 3 months of unlocked lessons

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