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We are a company with a short history, but at the same time we have young and new generation elements and experienced employees. We were originally a watch manufacturer, but with the change and development of the times, in addition to continuing to develop our own watches and accessories, now we have also become brand introducers. We hope that through the understanding of watches and accessories for many years, we can understand the needs of different customers to introduce different brands.

Watches and accessories are closely related between fashion and trend, we will continue to look for the products that they have same philosophy with us and certainly introduce on our website. Through the promotion of web pages and social platforms, we can proactively discover more customers who do not know our company. More communication and sharing with customers through the Internet allows us to understand and improve our products line too.

Story Started from –

A message to the world who I know and don’t know.

Yes we affected by corona-virus(COVID-19), we lost work, we lost connection with people, we lost the faith from world. What else more? Are you the only one who suffered by those worst things compare to others? Do you care enough those people who are living unluckily and stressful than you? My friend,  it’s time to see what’s around you, I know it’s difficult to open your mind. I know you are not getting enough from your work and from the entries world. Let’s move a step to show your positivity, braveness and caring, giving these to your work place, to your neighbours, to your community, to your country and the world. Remember, you are not ALONE.

Let’s action, Christ Verra across with one Hong Kong teenage designer- Terena Wong who has a vision and create a watch line name “Reconnection”, means we reconnect everything once again, let us show our faith, loves and cares once again for our small effort.

We are going to launch this collection in Sept and keep update to all of you, hoping to get your support to us!

 Art DesignerTerena Wong 

Engage in Fine Arts, Community Arts and Art Education.
She is a Hong Kong based painter. Apart from completing and participating in more than 40 community art projects, street art works, 3D mural paintings and floor paintings in Hong Kong, USA and China individually or in group, she also uses her inner psyche as a subject in her fine art practices. Believing in that we belong to our emotion, we cannot live without it.  She has a big interest in modern consciousness, unconsciousness and emotion existences. She focuses on the process and engagement with painting, installation, photography and mixed media to reflect her emotional connection to the subject matters and people, even stimulating and awakening the audiences’ emotion through her artistic practices. Those ideas always come from everything triggering her emotion such as ephemeral sensory or empirical experiences from her daily life.  
At the meantime, on her way to become a street art artist, in addition to luck, it requires a lot of courage to take the initiative and at times of weariness, perseverance to keep learning, creating and exploring in the field of painting. So far, she has participated and completed more than 40 community art projects, street art works, 3D mural paintings and 3D floor painting in Hong Kong, USA and China individually and in group paintings. She has never stopped creating in the past five years and she has been very lucky to receive great support from different parties such as the Government and non-profit organisations.

 What she has also done in these few years is collaborating with local schools to promote street arts on campus and in the community. Hopefully, her efforts would continue to inspire students in positive ways and that with these experiences gained.

Project Background

Terena just came back from Glasgow because of the coronavirus. During the isolation period, many negative feelings always come to her mind. At that moment, she was inspired and completed a series of digital paintings. She always believes the initiative of engagement in arts reconnect her innerside again, helps soothe her soul, anxiety and emotions. Beside reality, art is a human world. She found a way to release her feelings through paintings and feel how arts can express our inner psyche.

For her, this project is executing a meaningful art project for our community. She hopes her little contribution encourages people to find their own ways to soothe their soul and release themselves like her. She also hopes her effort can bring positive thoughts and feelings to the community.

The completion of this series is led by my guided Imagery, a method of using my imagination to help me cope better with stress and the anxiety of life. Making art with no plan feels like freeing my imagination which I am at peace with. It provides me a feeling of flow, allows me for true self-expression. I am recreating my sensory perception of sights so that it is reconnecting my inner stillness when I visually look back at my piece of painting.“

Terena believes the initiative of engagement in arts always reconnects her innerside, soothes her soul, anxiety and emotions. Through artistic practices, it can bring her unconscious to the surface, to the conscious mind to express ourselves. She hopes the audience can feel our emotions through the visual appreciation and the making arts as well. Looking at the paintings on the watches, it also reminds us to keep releasing and taking care of our feelings deepen in our hearts.

 Product Showcase(MEN) 

Idiom in this collection:

-Together in harmony. 圓.融


In Chinese philosophy, round represents harmony, the balance of the duality of nature. This is always a wish of harmony in our home.

Idiom in this collection:

-High-flier .Repair the house before it rains.


Nothing can stop our lives. We are together waiting for the next time you can fly again, and even further away.

Idiom in this collection:

-The sky’s the limit, you can achieve anything


Like the blue sky and the sea, they are boundless and infinite. When I paint them on the canvas, I feel the colors keep moving. It always reminds me that anything is possible. Don’t limit with fears. You can achieve anything if you really want to. 

 Product Showcase(WOMEN) 

Idiom in this collection:

-A problem well stated is a problem half solved


Even if we have a perfect plan in our lives, everything can be changed unpredictably. Difficulties always come in a sudden. We are not escaping but positively facing them. Always bare in mind, “a problem well stated is a problem half solved”. Everything will be settled, will be alright.

Idiom in this collection:

-Experience is the father of wisdom.


Each colored layer overlapping one by one creates a beautiful picture. LIke our lives, every experience makes us grow and enriches our lives. What we have experienced keeps making our lives more complete, more wonderful, more worthwhile. We, ourselves, are taking control of our lives, not the others. 

Idiom in this collection:

-A change is as good as a rest.


A change, in some ways, is good for us. Like a refreshing, revitalizing as taking a break.

 The Back View of Watches 

 The Value We Adding 

Box with two different band style

About the Watches Box, we will separate with Men and Women with color in Blue and Pink. Inside the Box, we put two different band styles which are Mesh band and Leather strap. For convenience, we put a function about “Quick Release Pin”, people can change different band styles at any time.

Glass with sapphire coating

3ATM = 30 Meter

Swarovski stones

 More detail about the watches 

Timeline in whole project