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Nov 29, 2021
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Auto-leveling| Large size printing| Perfect for Nylon glass fiber/Hi-temp Nylon/Nylon carbon fiber





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Mixware is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the R & D, manufacturing, and sales of innovative 3D printers. Today, we’re very excited to introduce the Mixware Hyper-S, A Desktop High-temperature FDM 3D Printer. Suitable for various types of filaments, Nylon glass fiber, Hi-temp Nylon, Nylon carbon fiber, PLA, ABS, TPU. Hyper-S provides you a more powerful, faster, larger and better printing experience.









Hyper-S is a desktop 3D printer for HI-TEMP & Flexible and Nylon filaments, the maximum printing temperature can reach 350℃, you are able to print with more advanced, engineering-grade materials that require higher temperatures. Making gears, hinges, or other plastic parts with superior resistance.




With a specially designed double gear deceleration extruder, printing flexible filaments like a pro. Smooth and stable, make successful prints at first use.






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The intelligent auto-leveling system and non-blocking nozzles provide superior accuracy and detailed 3D printing. No more wasting time fiddling with the bed and Z height. Furthermore, non-blocking nozzles will reduce the waste of filaments, making Hyper-S more eco-friendly and economical.





The ability to print bigger is a boon for your creativity. The build volume of Hyper-S is 300*300*400 mm. It’s perfect for the needs of the whole family, from hobbies to professional products, you can unleash your creativity and enjoy some quality family time. Get Hyper-S for premium 3D printing at an affordable price – you will be amazed at what it can do for you.





For a better user experience, Mixware Hyper-S comes with an intuitive UI design touchscreen. You can control the XYZ three-axis easily with a few taps. Spend less time on setup and more time printing.




If the power is interrupted or shut down in the middle of the printing, you can recover your printing anytime the power is back on. Get perfect printing anytime, anywhere with Mixware Hyper- S.




No confusion, no professional skills needed. Hyper-S is ready to use out-of-the-box. With an all-in-one structure, you can assemble it easily within minutes and then start your creation at the touch of a button.





With only three buttons, it’s easy to use with the one-click. No need to assemble, use it directly out-of-the-box. It is the easiest way to start 3D printing with your family. Mixware Wand is suitable for all people who are interested in 3D printing, no matter if you’re a professional or a beginner. It is simple to use – just click the start button and wait for your 3D prints to finish.



 Easy to carry

At only 5KG in weight, you can take it to work, school or anywhere you need.




 Ultra-quiet and safe

The whole printer is a closed-structure design with Trinamic’s chopper. The safety lock ensures that the printing process is safe and silent. 



Fun times with Wand







Mixware Exclusive Filaments, click here to see specifications












In order to deliver a great quality product to our backers, we have found an international logistics company to ensure satisfaction. All the printers will be well-packed and sealed. We will try our best to make sure Hyper-S can show up on your porch on time. We plan to start our delivery process in Dec 2021. While we are fully confident in our campaign goals, there may be some unexpected issues in our production and shipping process beyond our control. If unexpected things happen, we promise to keep all our backers updated and informed and handle the concerns with care. We will start the shipping process in Dec and offer worldwide shipping where available. We will work closely with the logistics company in advance to make sure the process goes smoothly. Please be aware that there may be extra customs fees due to the policy of different countries. The backer will be responsible for customs fees, duties, VAT, import taxes, etc. administered by your government. They are excluded from the shipping fees. Normally, you won’t be charged import duty taxes. However, given many different regulations in different countries, we can’t guarantee that 100%.