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Sep 22, 2020
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Nov 21, 2020

We make fresh from scratch churros in unique flavored sugars!


Hi! We are Mike and Priscilla Jones, owners of Mmm Churros! LLC. 

We are highschool sweethearts and have been together since 2003. To say the road to reaching for our dreams has been tough is an understatement. After all, we were just 2 young parents from the East Side of San Jose,  with nothing handed to us. Everything we have today came to us through hard work and determination. We’ve been through it all, from not knowing how we’d buy diapers to anxiously waiting for the next date we could go to the food bank just to get some food; at one point we lost everything we worked so hard for and had to move back in with our parents after a car accident caused Mike to not be able to work for 8 months. There were lots of times that the only thing pulling us through was our Faith. It’s been a roller coaster to say the least, we’ve persevered through more setbacks than we care to remember. But through it all, we never gave up hope and continued to stand strong together; working hard day in and out towards our dreams of being business owners and having something to hand down to our kids. We refuse to let life’s blunders bring us down, and hope to inspire others to do the same. 

So why Churros? 

Growing up on the East Side of San Jose,  delicious foods rooted in our Hispanic culture is a part of life that makes us who we are today. These memories are near and dear to our hearts and tie us to loved ones that have passed on, bring us back to simpler days and remind us of our culture that no one can take away. If you’re from East San Jose, you know what we’re talking about when we say there’s no better pan than the pan that comes from the back of the bread man’s van… and don’t get me started on the churro lady near Overfelt high school. Food has always been a positive in our lives, it’s amazing how something so delicious can bring such joy and fond memories to you. A couple years ago we tried a churro with flavored sugars, and while the mass produced frozen then baked churro tasted a bit like cardboard, the flavoring really stuck with us. We decided to try and make our own flavored sugars and set out to work on that recipe, along with a churro recipe that was TRADITIONAL, FRESH AND MADE FROM SCRATCH (no cardboard churros here!). It’s a bonus that a TRADITIONAL Spanish churro recipe is also vegan – because we can offer our deliciousness to those that choose not to eat animal byproducts! 

Once we perfected our recipe (and when I say we, I really mean Mike!) we went ahead and applied for our Cottage Food permit, opened up our online store for pickup and delivery and have hit the ground running ever since. 

We are blessed to say that we’ve been so successful we sell out of time slots every day, and it’s obvious this operation needed to move to a store front asap. We are limited by the state on what we can offer as a CFO (Cottage Food Operation), so we made the decision to move forward with our storefront sooner than we originally planned to. We secured an amazing spot on San Benito St in downtown Hollister, but it needs work! (It doesn’t even have a kitchen). 

We want to THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for the love and support you have shown us! We can’t wait to offer our FULL MENU to you and be able to serve you in person! Community involvement is HUGE for us and we have so many plans to a positive presence in our community. 

While we are funding this project solely on our own, we would love and appreciate any help we can get! Funds collected from this campaign will go straight into renovating our new place!