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Upgrade your children’s gaming experience with a next-level Nintendo Switch controller designed for kids.


The “moco 2 kids Controller” currently being developed by DIGIFORCE is a controller for children exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Designed to fit in the palms of children aged 6 to 10 so that it is easy for children with small hands to use, with a cute shape and stylish color variations. Not only is it small, but it also boasts premium operability and functionality, making it a full-fledged and easy-to-use controller that is   both cute and practical.

A cute rounded design.  Not only is it cute to look at, but it is also designed to be easy to hold in the small hands of children.

We also made it as light as possible so that it would not be a burden to children. It is comfortable to use allowing kids to enjoy the game comfortably.

moco 2 kids Controller is a lineup of 3 colors: Light Blue, Navy, and Marble.

We have prepared a unique color variation that is particular about the color scheme of the buttons.

We aim to nurture the rich individuality of children with a fashionable and cute controller.

The layout and operability of the buttons have been carefully adjusted and devised so that they are easy to use even with small hands.

 The left and right analog sticks and D-pad are anti-slip processed.

The surfaces of the A, B, X, and Y buttons are UV processed to prevent scratches on the letters. Also, the ZL / ZR buttons are slightly curved, so not to slip when pressing the buttons.

The front and back of the controller body have different textures. The front is finished with a smooth surface that has a gentle touch. The back has a slightly rough texture to give it a non-slip effect.

The moco 2 kids Controller is equipped with an adjustable dual vibration motor. If you do not like vibration, you can turn it off. Enjoy games more comfortably by adjusting the vibration to your liking.

The battery will be fully charged in about 2 hours from empty. It can be used continuously for 18 to 20 hours when fully charged. With a greater battery life there is less concern about running out of battery, and you can play the game with confidence.

Easy one-touch connection!

[Wireless connection method] 

(1) From the HOME menu screen of the Switch, select [Controller] → [How to hold / Change grip order].

(2) Press and hold the pairing button on the controller for about 5 seconds.

(3) When the controller is added to the screen, the connection is completed.

[Wired connection method]

(1) Insert the Type-A connector of the USB cable into the Switch dock, and insert the Type-C connector of the USB cable into the USB Type-C port of the controller.

(2) Select [Controller] → [Hold / Change order] on the HOME menu screen of the Switch, and press the L + R buttons on the controller at the same time.

(3) When the controller vibrates and the controller is added to the screen of the Switch, the connection is complete.

* When making a wired connection, set “Wired communication of Pro controller” on the setting screen of the Switch to “ON” before using.

2WAY specifications that can be used not only for wireless connection but also for wired connection.

If your controller runs out of charge during gameplay, you can switch to a wired connection so you can play while charging without interrupting the game.

Turbo / automatic rapid fire function that makes the game more enjoyable!

You can easily set continuous shooting and automatic continuous shooting, which is convenient for games.

[How to set the rapid fire mode]

● Press the “T button” + “button for which you want to set continuous fire” on the controller once.

As long as you hold down the set button, the rapid fire function will be activated.

[How to set the automatic firing mode]

● Press the “T button” + “button for which you want to set automatic firing” on the controller twice.

After setting the automatic firing function, the firing function will be activated without pressing the button.

* You can temporarily turn off “automatic firing” by pressing and holding the set button.

Rapid fire and automatic fire can be easily canceled by pressing one “T button”.

In addition, the speed setting for continuous shooting and automatic firing can be adjusted in 3 steps: low speed, medium speed, and high speed.

You can enjoy the game comfortably because you can freely use it according to the game you play, such as rapid fire, automatic rapid fire, and rapid fire speed.

 Surprisingly convenient wake-up function!

The wake-up function is a function that allows you to cancel the sleep mode by pressing the HOME button on the controller once while the Switch is in sleep mode.

Set content】
           ・ Controller x 1
           ・ Battery x 1 * Built into the controller.
           ・ Charging cable (USB Type-A to C) x 1 (approx. 1.8m)
           ・ Instruction manual x 1
           * The contents of the instruction manual are subject to change without notice due to changes in product specifications.

Introducing the performer

~Thoughts put into development~ 

Get ready to re experience the feeling of falling in love for the first time. But with a controller. A controller that will help you connect with your feelings and bring you great joy. I believe that such experiences nurture our well being and lead to a fulfilling life. It is in cherished moments that we truly live.  

A controller that has a better shape and color than your friends. No matter what, it stands out. You won’t stop hearing “That’s so cool” “I wish I had one” “Please let me try it”. We all love to have the coolest new gadget and enjoy it with our friends and family. We want to create many such experiences that become “cherished moments”.

 ~ What I want to convey through design ~

The value of design is the creation of beauty. 

We are committed to integrating beautiful design into our business, promoting a more positive world and a better future. Beautiful designs in technology are of great value to society. 

Digiforce defines its direction as:

・ Sustainability

・ Environmentally Friendly

・ Co-existence and Co-prosperity (Win-Win)

These core values are the foundations upon which Digiforce approaches every project. It is through overcoming challenges and reflecting on our core values that Digiforce has achieved success. What others value is important, but what is most important is what you yourself value. Our belief is that for a better future for everyone we must all work together.

As technology changes so too does society. Modern life demands constant access to electronic devices. Each new generation of devices bring enhanced convenience and technological advances, becoming further incorporated to daily life. We as people must evolve to adapt to these changes. We are responsible for ensuring our new digital society is sustainable. As the world changes we must all think deeply about how all of our futures are connected. 

Digiforce wants to lead the way towards a brighter future, to promote our values and be the trendsetters that build a better future.