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An eco-friendly mask to wear comfortably while eating and drinking.


Let me introduce you to …


It is a 2 piece mask – One for the nose and one for the mouth. The 2 pieces conveniently clip together using magnets. It is ergonomically designed for you to wear comfortably while eating or drinking.

Benefits to the MONOmask:

The MONOmask is made of recyclable materials and not just that, only the filter is required to be changed daily. The shell can be sterilized and reused for over 100 days.

Simply sterilize the MONOmask with:

Hot water         Alcohol       UV sterilizer       Dishwasher

The MONOmask’s filter is equivalent to an N95 filter.

We also add Nano-Silver material to the shell of the mask.

The mask is comfortably sealed around your face – Available in sizes large, medium and small for children 6+ to ensure the best fit.

The magnetic clips are very sturdy and makes the mask very easy to use. You can put on or take off the mouthpiece effortlessly.

EXTRA PERKS include:

      Non-Sensitive            No foggy glasses            Lipstick friendly              No bad odors

The MONOmask is made from hypoallergenic and food grade materials – often when masks touch your lips for a period of time, it could cause skin allergies or requires the need for you to reapply lipstick constantly but with the MONOmask, the mouthpiece is slightly curved around your mouth preventing these problems.

The soft seal around your face prevents eyeglasses from fogging up when you exhale.

Separate nose and mouth pieces prevents smelling odors from your mouth.


– Filters are packed in ISO 14644-1 Class 8 Cleanroom Certification

– Bacteria Filtration Efficiency (BFE) >99%

– Particulate Filtration Efficiency (PFE) >99%.

– Pass ASTM (F 2100-2019) LEVEL 2 and EN 14683:2019

FRONT Hydrophobic non-woven layer

MIDDLE High-Efficiency Meltblown Filter

INNER Skin-Friendly Soft Absorbent non-woven layer

– FDA Approved
– Made in Hong Kong

There are different colors to choose from: Pink / White / Black / Clear 

ODM as promotional products are welcome, especially for restaurants, airlines, etc.

International patents for the MONOmask.5C are pending.

Below is a China patent notification.