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Three kids get sent to another dimension where a bunch of monsters and magical creatures live and have to find a way back home.


The 20 episode miniseries that focuses on a three kids (Charlene, Kaori and Bronson) getting sent to another dimension where a bunch of monsters and magical creatures (centaurs, sprites, elves, goblins, harpies, giants etc). The kids have to work together and find a way to get home whilst getting into shenanigans  on the way.

The main characters in Kiki’s House include;

  • Charlene- A high action if slightly overconfident 13 year old girl. She lives with her older brother and younger sister in a run down apartment. She and Bronson have been best friends since they were 6, she helps and still occasionally helps Bronson build his confidence, she definitely tries her hardest to get her friend Kaori to stand up to herself.
  • Bronson- A smart 13 year old boy who is a real tech wizard, he is very equipped bringing everyday essentials in his backpack. He is generally the voice of reason in the group, especially to Charlene, who he and her have been friends since they were 6. Though at the same time he doesn’t have the same brave and courage as Charlene as she always to try to encourage Bronson to make more risks, though at the same time he tries to encourage Charlene to slow down and not to take many risks or she’ll get into real danger
  • Kaori- A sweet, creative wallflower. She’s been in Charlene and Bronson’s life for 3 years, she was extremely timid when she first moved in though Charlene and Bronson helped her face her fears and even though she still feels more confident thanks to her friends she’s still quite timid, even more so than Bronson. In addition to this she’s an introvert and likes to have her free time writing poems/novels, blogging, drawing, reading books and playing music (her favourite being the ukulele).

The aim of the Kickstarter is to gear up a group of animators and artists and create an 8-10 minute animated pilot that will be put up on Youtube hoping for a studio to pick up the show. If nothing happens, I’ll use connections in that I have a cousin who works in the comics/animation industry in the other side of the world.

NOTE: For those of you who may be worried, don’t fear I have the whole show planned out and I’ve seen enough shows to know that this miniseries won’t fall into the pratfalls that a number of serialized shows do (weak pacing, underdeveloped/annoying relationship love triangles, being ”deep” for the sake of being ”deep” without any weight to it all, rushed/deux-ex machina ending, redeeming someone who is practically irredeemable.