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Apr 26, 2022
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Jun 25, 2022

Reduces extensive time to plan outdoor adventures, Merges mobile technology with outdoor activities, connecting to like-minded people


MP Trekz is a San Diego-based technology company with passion for innovation and creativity. MP Journey has developed a mobile application to assist campers in the United States. Smartphones are becoming the most widely available communication platforms. We wanted to create an application which lets users plan their camping journey while using as little time as possible. With our app, campers will be able to connect with other campers, get informed, connect with vendors to make purchases. While on their adventure, campers can use the for emergency notification, mapping and integration purposes.

Every year, people in all areas of the world answer a calling to the beautiful and revitalizing outdoor environment, whether the activity is hiking, car camping, back packing, hunting, off-highway vehicle driving, dirt biking, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, or running. In the parts of the world that have achieved modernization and ushered in the information age, high stress task loads, work burn-out, and poor mental health are pervasive in the working population. The opportunity to touch nature for rejuvenation has, in many cases, been artificially brought into people’s homes in the form of reality television. The average person is left to live vicariously through a TV personalities’ experience because they themselves do not have the time available, due to work demands, to take time for experiencing the event personally.

Problem:  Lack of camping resources to cohesively plan and prepare for outdoor adventures.

Time-Constrained: Adventure seekers express that planning for outdoor activities takes too long, and therefore demotivates participation.

Address New Markets: Outdoor activities are traditionally low-tech, thus alienating tech-savvy users.

Social Community(s):  Lack of social engagement among adventure seekers.

Solution:   A mobile application platform where adventure seekers can enjoy a journey by:

Reducing Time: Reduces extensive time to plan outdoor adventures.  

MPTrekz will allow adventurers to enjoy activities more often by reducing planning time. Time-constrained adventure seekers will have useful decision-making data, timely booking assistance and helpful information during their adventure so they can have fun.

Opening New Markets:  Merges mobile app technology with traditionally low-tech outdoor activities, thus opening a world of possibilities to tech-savvy users.

Creating Social Community(s):  Gives the adventurer the option of joining a community of people with similar interest.

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