$1 raised out of $50,000

Musicians-U is a music education and social networking platform for musicians.


Thanks for checking out the project. Our goal with Musicians-U is to create the number one website to learn music and collaborate with other like minded musicians.

The website features interactive “trainers” and music lessons. All the trainers include progress tracking with beautiful charting and the best part is the mobile apps sync data with the website so your progress is always up to date.

Along with getting a high quality music education the website allows you to connect with other like minded musicians near you. We have a Facebook style wall and forums to be even more social.

The way the campaign works, is that once it is over the website will be launched but only in a private beta for 3 months. This will allow us to continue development and gather any feedback from our campaign backers before we open the website to the public. After the beta is over you will have a one year membership to the website.

Below are a couple of demo videos of some of the apps. We will be updating this page often as well as our Youtube and twitter so check back often if you are undecided about backing the campaign. We are just getting started there is a lot more to come.

Thank you for checking out our campaign and if you cannot back us due to financial reasons please help us by spreading the word.