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Jan 11, 2021
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Jan 12, 2021

An Illuminated Mute Button for Virtual Calls that Increases Productivity and Decreases Interruptions


Includes RGB to support multiple color options for those that have color blindness



Knowing when you are on mute or unmute is not always obvious to computer users, virtual meeting participants, or those physically around them. When on a computer, the status of the microphone may be obscured by multiple windows being open, a particular program being minimized, or a user may be inattentive to the microphone state by using multiple monitors. Typically, knowing when your microphone is muted or unmuted requires locating the online conference window and identifying the condition of the microphone icon.




Speaking with anyone around the world through a virtual meeting has become significant during the COVID-19 pandemic. But, frequent video conferencing problems have been the cause of embarrassment because either the person using virtual meetings did not know their microphones were on, or people have walked in on their meetings.  As a result, users and those around the user need to know a conference is occurring and if a microphone is on.




MuteMe™ is an illuminated mute button for virtual calls that increases productivity, boosts confidence, and decreases interruptions. The patent-pending device is designed to recognize if you’re on or off mute by using intelligent software that works with any computer to control your microphone.