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Start date
Oct 26, 2020
Close date
Dec 22, 2020

A new app, like this but more for new businesses not just products and ideas. Angels match with start up businesses.No strings attached


I’m a young entrepreneur handed the short end of the stick in life. Great ideas and complete business plans with no way to make it happen due to a lack of finances. Like a lot of other people.

Out of being in the position of trying to start two businesses from dust; unable to pay rent, bills, or be able to put food on the table I came up with a new mobile app application. Much like this one but targetted towards businesses not ideas or specific projects. 

My Personal Angel: this app’s purpose to make matching angel investers/donaters and baby businesses easy.

I’ve tried so hard to find investors to help with my business plans, but finding an investor is hard in itself not to mention the right one or one that I don’t have to apply for and fight through thousands of other people to get to.

In this app you will be able to sign up as an invester (which is for anyone who has money they want to use to help others) or a start up business.

Angel’s will fill out a profile using a username (to remain anonymous if desired) and contact information.

And the business will fill out a full transparent profile filling out name, location, address, mission/purpose, why they need help + with what, list of the equipment needed to get started (with direct links to each specific item so Angels can buy specific items and send to business directly) their story, what lead them to start the business, and their goals. They will also be able to answer every question an investor would need through a chat box, if needed.

 And much more functionality as not being able to take money out of the app. Having a very strategic way for the business owner to properly buy the things needed (if gifted money instead direct purchase) and not spend money on personal matter. It will be fine tuned, strategic, and very intentional in every way possible.

I’m so tired of brilliant minds going to waste because they were born into poverty and can’t catch a break in life. I hate how money can make you or break you.

Angels and helpers will be able to see all sorts of businesses or search a specific business that they heard about from a friend.

Reaching out to professional app makers I discovered that making this app properly can be anywhere from 50 to 100 thousand dollars. If you think this is a great idea, think it will truly work, and help others, you can help now by donating what you can to get this up and running. Any amount will help and spreading this around like wild fire.

There’s approximately 300,000 registered investors here in the US, possibly more. Not counting others with extra money who want to help but not sure who.

This app will be safe for businesses and Angels. It will cut through the BS, the grey area, and the difficulty of matching one another. If you can PLEASE help make this happen.

If 4,000 people can donate $20 we can reach our goal. The better the budget the better the app will be