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Peer rental platform for tools, hobby equipment, and sporting goods. List your own, or connect with neighbors who want to rent yours!


Hello!  You’re one of us now that you’re reading this, and we’re glad you’re here 🙂  

We believe you’ll like this as much as we do!  This is a project that we are building with community help because…it’s a community benefit!   We have entered an economy where peer-to-peer is open for more orders, and we’re serving up something juicy.  

What this will be is a software to cater the local rental of items we call “stranded assets.”  Stranded assets are the many various things we have all paid $200-$2000 for in the hobby/sports/yard tools area and they sit dormant 325 days each year, collecting dust and getting outdated. 

  • What this platform will do is connect people to the items you can afford to rent out; while allowing users to either post their rental listings or only be a renter…or both! One day you may rent out skis, while the next you need to borrow a hedge trimmer for grandma’s house.  

No more worries about breaking the bank buying new (credit card debt sucks), buying used with the liability of damaged goods (Mr. Seller said it ran fine before I got it), or renting from retail rental stores that charge 3-5x what your neighbors can afford to lend it out without any overhead costs.

This is a community-backed project for all neighbors and neighborhoods, and since the beginning of time whenever you’re in a pinch for something the closest and easiest person to ask for a quick hand is your neighbor; therefore, we call this project Nabor.  In a similar way we look for communities to live in with a pool so the costs are split within the HOA for one giant pool and clubhouse to share, we are building a community where you don’t need to own what the Joneses own, you just need to be a good Nabor.  

In fact, we are already beginning, yet we need backers to propel this forward.  We have an experienced team, community-centered idea, and a whole lot of people looking to use this service.  

The big question is……would you be willing to help kickstart Nabor?  🙂