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A tormented man, harassed by delusions, has his greatest fear unleashed in the mystical mountains of Norway.



A young man finds himself having trouble distinguishing between dreams and reality. Fantasies and desires evolve into gruesome nightmares and his true love becomes less and less trustworthy.


NAKNE BEN is a dark and mysterious tale set in the snowy mountains of Norway. The story unravels when James, the protagonist, takes the love of his life up to his old cabin in a desperate attempt to save their relationship. However, once they are at the lonely and isolated cabin, mysterious things begin to happen which James seems to be the only one affected by. Juni becomes more and more obsessed writing in her diary and starts to act strangely. Just as he discovers the mystery behind her diary, his greatest fear unleashes.

Artwork by Nick Wilson


We are film students at Høyskolen Kristiania in Oslo, and we are now in our final year of our bachelor’s degree in filmmaking. Through many years of gathering experience through film studies and other film projects, we are ready to create the most ambitious film we’ve ever made. We have managed to gather a group of passionate and talented people, who have their own take on the story and know how they best can apply their knowledge to achieve an outstanding result. 

The core crew
Behind the scenes of NAKNE BEN’s teaser
Behind the scenes of NAKNE BEN’s teaser


This is a dark and gritty short about toxic masculinity and sexuality. How delusions can destroy a healthy relationship. Many young men strive to reach what is considered to be the “ideal man” by modern society. If we look at how the “ideal man”, is portrayed by society we will not see any insecurities. However, insecurity is an instinct that no human can live without and becoming this “perfect man”, is simply impossible for any human being to achieve. If society’s definition of the “ideal man” is what boys strive to be, it makes it quite difficult for boys to talk about their insecurities and feelings. Therefore, it is very important to normalize this subject and be able to talk about it openly amongst males.

Since the film takes on important topics that we feel need more focus, we want to make a shocking film that may cause reactions and discussions. To accomplish this goal, I have written a script that doesn’t hold back on what can be perceived as grotesque and disturbing. To spice it up, we have tried to explore a genre-mix between horror and psychological thriller and combined the old classic horror films from the 20s and 30s with something new.

The grandiose and isolated Norwegian mountains is a unique setting, which we believe will create the suspense, and triggering a feeling we are striving for. The whole movie will be shot in 4:3 format and in black-and-white. We wanted to change your perception of the film by eliminating all the colors.  Everything will be cold, human skin will suddenly look dead and blood will look like tar. The homage to early horror and psychological thrillers will be evident, as well as a twisted story, as we strive to combine this with a modern theme and subtext.

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We are all students at Kristiania University in Oslo and have been given a small budget to execute our vision. However, we have a greater ambition than this amount allows. In order to create a believable 70s universe, as well as gory horror elements, we need some help from you guys. To be able to achieve our goal we will put all of the money into cast, camera equipment, set design, costume design, SFX, festival fees and other expenses.

This is a non-profit project, meaning that the money that you contribute with will solely be used for production purposes. We have high ambitions for this film, and we will submit the movie to relevant film festivals.