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Honoring NASA’s Mars Perseverance Mission


In honor of humanity’s advancements and exceptional achievements in space travel, INTERSTELLAR, powered by Col&MacArthur is launching a new timepiece. The RED3,721, approved by NASA, telling the story of the “Perseverance”; NASA mission. 

After years of planning and massive investments, Nasa’s Perseverance Mars Rover was set to launch for its 11-year-long expedition. On the 30th of July 2020, the rover took off from Florida’s Space Coast aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket.

Perseverance landed on the Jezero crater, a strategic point on Mars, considered the most dangerous ever attempted by the American space agency because of its relief. 

“Red” refers to the, sometimes, name given to Mars. The figure “3,721” corresponds to the gravity of the planet observed during NASA mission.  

Every single timepiece will be numbered with a certificate to prove the origin of the item. The serial number will be engraved on the back cover of the RED3,721.

INTERSTELLAR is in collaboration with “The Meteoritical Society”, the International Society for Meteorites and Planetary Science. Thanks to them, you will be able to trace the history, the origin, and the technical specifications of the meteorite you wear on your wrist.

This Martian meteorite was discovered in 2021 in northwest Africa and supplied by the company “MSG meteorites”. Most meteorites are named after the place where they were found, in this case his name is “NWA14269”.

A certificate of authenticating the provenance of this one will be delivered with your timepiece. 

*For more information about the meteorite used, we invite you to check the laboratory Mass spectrometry analysis of our meteorite ID#NWA 14269. HERE.

 The copper case will be available once the funding reaches 100k$ while the golden case will be released once the campagin reaches 200k$.

We offer the SELLITA model with a golden seconds hand and the Miyota with the red seconds hand. In addition, the Sellita movement will be assembled in a titanium case (+ bracelet in titanium).

 If you decide not to take the Mars powder in the dial, the NASA logo will be located in the chamber to keep that masterpiece so special.

STANDARD FLIGHT : To make this timepiece even rarer, we propose to send your “RED3,721” into near space at an altitude of 30km. In direct contact with an environment that is close to -60°C and a pressure close to 0.

The watch is collected by a company specialized in this field, and then delivered to you in perfect condition with a certificate authenticating the altitude of the flight.

PREMIUM FLIGHT : This premium option allows a standard flight with an onboard camera filming the ascension from the ground to an altitude of 35 km.

 The video feature the last flight into near space of the “LUNAR 1969” – Carbon version from the watchmaker Col&MacArthur.

The steel strap will have the same coating/color as the case. The leather strap will be available in black and brown color.


The first 500 will receive a special edition white box with the NASA logo !

The hearts of INTERSTELLAR watches must be the best, that is why we chose two automatic movements. Our project works in collaboration with Miyota, one Japanese manufacturer, and with SELLITA, a Swiss manufacturer. The most recognized watchmakers around the world trust these manufacturers. We make sure to provide the best possible movements to create high-quality timepieces. 

Below is a full description.

We are proud to announce that each RED3,721 will be hand-assembled by Col&MacArthur, which guarantees the best possible quality and expertise (www.colandmacarthur.com). Col&MacArthur was also involved in the development of the design of the RED3,721. We have worked extensively on the mastery and delicacy of our timepieces, which are assembled by a trusted team, known for their attention to detail and the exceptional quality of their finishes. Thanks to the offer made on Kickstarter, we offer you a unique opportunity to own an exceptional watch. 

Our partner Col&MacArthur, a watchmaker founded in 2013, is a world leader in the design and creation of commemorative watches. They design timepieces that reflect humanity’s ability to perpetually change the course of events. Through our joint venture, Col&MacArthur will be in charge of the supply chain and guarantees your complete satisfaction.

Other reviews can be found on Google My Business, the official facebook page and on the website colandmacarthur.com

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INTERSTELLAR focuses on the conquest of space, commemorates important spatial events, and preserves our knowledge of the physics of the Universe. This project sheds light on the discoveries of space, the Universe, and the experience it procures. It makes you part of the history and its exploration by highlighting humanity’s heritage and the preservation of its knowledge. All in all, INTERSTELLAR gives you the feeling of traveling through space with a celestial object on your wrist while discovering human great achievements.