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We need Christmas — now more than ever.

In our lifetime, we’ve never had a Christmas like this one. Because of the pandemic, we won’t have the usual opportunities to hear the Christmas story at public concerts, nativity plays, sing-ins, candlelight services. This past summer, when that reality hit us, we dug deep into our pockets, called in several professional artist friends, and began producing a version of the Christmas story in a universally accessible format—an audio dramatization.

Drawing on the talents of award-winning writers, composers, actors, and sound engineers, we’ve now recorded five thrilling episodes of an audio series called NATIVITY—a virtual “movie for your mind.” With your contribution, we’ll finish sound effects editing and the recording of the orchestral score, then we’ll give the series as a free gift to the world on social media. But before we tell you about how you can help, we’d love for you to hear a sample. Here’s the fourth episode from the series, called “The Shepherds”: 

That’s Episode Four. In Episodes 1-3 we introduce Mary and Joseph, Gabriel, Elisabeth and Zacharias, Caesar Augustus, Herod, the innkeepers, and a delightful supporting cast. Episode 5 includes the stories of the shepherds finding the Child, the star, the wise men, Simeon and Anna in the temple, and the Holy Family fleeing to Egypt. All of the episodes have now been recorded and edited together. The only work that remains to be done is the final sound effects editing, completion of the orchestral score, and giving the series away. And that’s where you come in.

Proclaim the good tidings of great joy.

Our Kickstarter target is $50,000. We’ll use a portion of that to reimburse completion of sound effects and music. After that, all Kickstarter contributions will fund paid advertising of the series, which we will offer as a FREE CHRISTMAS GIFT to the world. The series will be published no later than December 1, 2020 at www.audiostories.life where EVERYONE will be able to stream it for FREE.

Initially, we’ll promote the series through paid campaigns on major digital platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube). We will also work with influencers, bloggers, podcasts, and other digital organizations to drive traffic. As our total Kickstarter donations exceed our target, we may initiate additional paid marketing through traditional media channels, possibly including radio, television, and print media). Based on our past experience, we expect that every dollar contributed will fund at least 20 social media views and at least two downloads. Between direct social media advertising and organic sharing, our goal is for at least 1 million people to download and listen to a portion of the series by Christmas Day, 2020.

Enjoy the rewards of giving.

While funding distribution of NATIVITY is intrinsically rewarding — you’ll be sharing the priceless Spirit of Christmas with people all over the world — we want to express our thanks for your participation, and welcome you to our family of supporters. Based on your contribution, here’s a modest token of our thanks:

Contribute $10 (share 20+ downloads with others)

  • Free access to the complete Nativity series forever at AudioStories.life

Contribute $20 (share 40+ downloads with others)

  • Previous reward + access to a listening party with members of the creative team

Contribute $50 (share 100+ downloads with others)

  • Previous rewards + exclusive “Making Of” audio episode with NATIVITY creators

Contribute $100: (share 200+ downloads with others)

  • Previous rewards + access to a discussion between NATIVITY creators

Contribute $500: (share 1,000+ downloads with others)

  • Previous rewards + web version of NATIVITY to give to others, personalized with your name (“A gift for you from Tom and Janice Smith”)

Contribute $1,000: (share 2,000+ downloads with others)

  • Previous rewards + credit on AudioStories.life website (as an executive producer)

Contribute $5,000: (share 10,000+ downloads with others)

  • All previous rewards + a copy of the NATIVITY script, to be treasured for years to come

Contribute $10,000 (share 20,000+ downloads with others)

  • Previous rewards + an in-person or Zoom presentation from one of the series creators for your family, faith, or community group

Why our team? Why audio?

We’re passionate about sharing the message of Christmas. Since 2000, members of our team have written and provided key creative direction for at least two annual Christmas presentations—a musical play and concert—with a combined live audience of over 90,000.Each year, the concert is taped for rebroadcast and, for nearly 20 years now, has been the most-watched Christmas special on PBS (Christmas with the Tabernacle Choir). The centerpiece of those annual programs has been an original or newly adapted Christmas story, presented by world class performers including Tom Brokaw, Jane Seymour, Hugh Bonneville, Kristen Chenoweth, the Sesame Street Muppets, and many others. (Click HERE to view samples of that work.) With so much experience telling Christmas stories, we wondered, “How could we tell the most significant Christmas story of all—the Nativity—in 2020, even though live plays and concerts will be not be held?”

In the United States alone, there are more than 80 million podcast listeners and more than 65 million audiobook listeners. In the entertainment industry, the audio-only category is growing four to five times faster than any other. The reasons for this explosive growth are many and varied, but among them is the increasing problem of screen fatigue. Increasingly, individuals and families don’t want to be glued to devices in order to get interesting content. They love to listen, as long as they can also be engaged in other activities—like exercising, working, traveling, and even putting their children to bed. In the course of preparing NATIVITY, we’ve learned that a rich audio experience—a “movie for your mind”—is likely to draw an even larger audience than a video, giving listeners flexibility to enjoy the content whenever and wherever works for them.

 Tell me more . . . 

No later than December 1, 2020, the full, five-episode NATIVITY series (more than 140 minutes of audio content) will be published on www.audiostories.life where EVERYONE will be able to stream the full series for FREE. We’ll also have additional exciting Christmas audio content available that visitors can purchase and listen to as part of their family holiday experiences, if desired.

The AudioStories Project is an outgrowth of WarnerBoothe and draws on the talent and experience of writers, directors, composers, music producers, audio engineers, and performers, many of whom have worked together for nearly two decades. For the past 10+ years, live performances and video content created by members of the team have been seen every day of the week in locations throughout the world, reaching millions of in-person audiences and viewers through major media networks.

Founding Partners David Warner and Ross Boothe continue to provide consulting to major organizations in the areas of media, music, live performances and events, tourism, education, and multi-cultural outreach. They are the creators of major live productions and films, the groundbreaking app, StoryMedia, used for user-generated marketing by Adobe, Canvas LMS, Broadway’s “Dear Evan Hansen,” and others, and the Everyone Leads initiative. Here’s more information about our team:

The five-episode, 145-page script for the full NATIVITY series was written and recorded by our award-winning team in early October. The series delivers a well-researched narrative based on the accounts contained in the New Testament, including:

Episode 1: Gabriel announces the Savior’s birth to Zacharias in the temple

Episode 2: The Annunciation to Mary and the angelic visitation to Joseph

Episode 3: Mary visits her cousin, Elizabeth, who is soon to give birth to John the Baptist

Episode 4: Angels announce the birth of Christ to shepherds who are charged to find the child

Episode 5: Shepherds, Wisemen, Simeon, and Anna all witness that the Messiah is born

 For unto you . . . 

Thank you for your interest in NATIVITY. As you can tell, our team is passionate about sharing the message of the Savior’s birth with the world this year. Though 2020 has not been an easy year for anyone, we feel reassured that because of the birth of Jesus Christ, peace, hope, and joy can be ours. He is our Lord and Redeemer! The message of the angel to the shepherds is a message to each of us, today: “Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord” (Luke 2:10-11). So come. Join us. Proclaim the birth of Jesus Christ and change the world this Christmas.