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New smart WIFI BULBS patent invention of LETTERS/NUMBERS to light up your room with YOUR name & as ADDRESS LOCATOR NITE GUIDE device.


My name is Noble Fares and I’m the inventor of the new patent NOBLE LIGHTS BULBS and LOOKATE ME PROPERTY ADDRESS LOCATOR- 

Oftentimes we hear stories of people driving at night or on a rainy stormy evening and complaining their phone GPS App is short of being accurate or leads them to the wrong house address. I suppose this may sounds familiar to you or to your visiting guest. Well, I’m no stranger to this myself. In fact, many times I ran into the same trouble of finding people I first time visit at night not to mention on a rainy night where they had to go out and wave for me from their front door.  Can you imagine what would it be like if you are living in a farm or outside the city and expecting a guest over?

It is one day when the idea struck me. I said what if the home address or property number comes in the shape of lighting bulbs as a guiding device that can be seen from a distance and can be operated from anywhere using a smartphone.

After months and hundreds of hours I spent on market validation, design, development and testing, and market experts group discussions, I finally made it happen and proved it works by making the first prototype functional samples. By using Noble Led patent registered Lights that are made up of numbers and letters you can simply make your own house number which come with a durable rechargeable battery connected to a free secure available App you can download to your phone and has so many features and you’re ALL set. No more frustrations and driving around. With Property Address Locator Night Device, you can choose and set your preferred color and time the blinking/flashing duration as you like from your smartphone and have your guest or your children arrive safely and easily. Please see the instructional (how- to -use) videos below of the prototype samples.

This idea generated another one. I said why not also have a cool personalized decorative lamp of lights made up of Alphabets/letters where someone can enjoy a cool colorful lamp with many features with hundreds of optional colors and music rhythms to light up the room. The idea got thumps up especially from homeowners and children and that encouraged me to pursue it further. Furthermore, many wholesale retailers I met who loved the products and are keen to place their first order. I have attached some photos for your view. I also have included in the profile the products prototype video. The video I made and posted through some business influencers received hundreds of views and likes so far ( photos below).

Now, I’m at a stage of needing money in order to continue and make the needed casts/moulds for the final quality finished bulbs and batteries.  As simple as the products concepts are, each Letter and Number requires making its own mould/cast before the product goes into production. This where the heavy cost is. You know there is 26 letters/alphabets and 10 numbers ( 0-9), in addition to three sizes of batteries and two sizes of housing boxes, a TOTAL of 41 moulds. The budget required has been studied VERY carefully. After the moulds are done, the products will be VERY affordable to have at a retail price. They will be made of VERY nice quality finished materials which will reflect the final looks. There is a BIG GLOBAL market for it. 

YOUR kind pledge and support will be SO GREATLY APPRECIATED. It’ll make my dream come true.  I thank you in advance for your generosity and look forward to share my success story with each one of you.