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Jun 01, 2020
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Jul 31, 2020

Luxury Crewed Catamaran Sailing Vacations – Adventure Equipped.

Eco friendly alternative to the cruise ships w/action water sports



NexGen Yachting – Adventure Equipped

NexGen Yachting looks to disrupt the cruise ship industry by offering vacations on private yachts at a similar price point to traditional cruises. Our target consumer of 25-55 often eschews cruises as “boring” so we’ve outfitted our 50’-80’ crewed luxury sailing catamarans with action water sports and toys designed to appeal to the Gadget Generation.

Our flagship action sports equipment is from Zapata Racing which allows you to fly on hoverboards, in jetpacks, or on 360 flipping jet ski’s. This equipment can only be deployed on yachts of this size by utilizing our patent pending propulsion system which is exclusive to NGY.

Yacht Charters

Our primary revenue stream is from private yacht charter vacations aboard luxurious fully crewed sailing catamarans. Each yacht has 4-5 guest staterooms with en suite bathrooms. Living spaces on these yachts range from 1500 sq ft to over 4000 sq ft. Each yacht has a spacious indoor salon (living room), kitchen, outdoor entertainment space (aft deck), forward lounge, sky lounge, crew quarters and guest staterooms.

Amplify Your Adventure

NexGen Yachts are outfitted with all of the equipment to amplify our guests adventure, be it above, in, or under water. Everything to maximize the fun is on board including Zapata water sports, unlimited SCUBA diving, underwater scooters and so much more.

Amplify the adventure further with all the right gear to capture the moment. Aerial drones, underwater drones, and GoPro’s for every guest, NexGen vacations have it all.

Patent Pending Market Advantage

Zapata water toys normally require a jet ski which is far too large & heavy for a yacht in this size range to effectively carry. So we invented the Eco Engine! A smaller, lighter, propulsion system that powers all of the Zapata gear.


Command the ocean like Poseidon

Just imagine the fun everyone will have soaring above the waves and under the ocean with the various Zapata options, including their Flyboard, Flyride, Jetpack and Hoverboard.


But We Didn’t Stop There!

In addition to Zapata Water Sports we’ve added a host of additional gadgets to make life aboard a blast!

  • Underwater Scooters: Power your way under the waves
  • Dive Portable Scuba: Fastest, easiest, most convenient dive equipment available
  • 4K Drones: Underwater 4K drone to explore the depths when you want to relax
  • Snorkel: Full face snorkel masks offer the easiest way to underwater exploration
  • Land Scooters: Get around the islands the easy way
  • GoPro Cameras: Each guest will have their own camera while on vacation
  • Oculus Quest: Experience the latest VR while on board



With so much adventure equipment packed into our yachts, it’ll be an unforgettable time when on board. NexGen yachts will be among the most booked yachts in the charter industry, and it’s obvious why. With this much fun packed into your vacation, why would anyone book anywhere else?

Crewed, Catered, And Cared For

Our guests not only enjoy the very cutting edge of water sports and adventure equipment available, they also get the best in hospitality and culinary arts.

That is because NexGen Yachting doesn’t do bare-boat charters. All of our yachts come with two or three crew, while hosting no more than 10 people. There is no cruise, hotel or vacation package that offers so much staff for so few guests. Each captain, chef and steward is dedicated to our guests’ well-being.

Unique Marketing Approach

Simply put, our yachts enjoy the highest booking rates in the industry because of our adventure equipment and unique marketing approach.

We don’t just show up at boat shows and rely on third party brokers to get bookings like our competitors, we actively market our yachts in ways no other company does. Our team comes from a tech background so we know how to reach more customers looking for a memorable vacation. We utilize affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, dynamic retargeting, content driven keywords, and extensive content publishing to reach our target demographic.

Our target customers are not just sailors, but vacationers.

Yacht Vacations By The Cabin

NexGen aims to differentiate itself by making yacht cabins available for rent individually, enabling NGY to offer lower price points making private yacht vacations accessible to a new demographic of customers. The average person on a typical cruise ship will spend $242 per person, per day according to the 2019 cruise industry report. At NexGen we will be offering all of the advantages of a private yacht starting at just $299 per person, per day. By advertising our yachts in a similar fashion to how cruise ships market themselves we will not be limited to the traditional yacht charter customer but rather the entire cruise ship segment.

Yacht Management

Currently, NexGen does not purchase yachts but rather partners with yacht owners on a revenue share model. The company’s main goal is to expand this yacht management program which involves managing all aspects of the boat chartering process, including boat supplies, insurance, and general maintenance while retaining the charter revenue generated. With this model we do not have the large capital outlay for an entire fleet of yachts which greatly enhances our balance sheet. We project that we will only require three to four charter week bookings to reach a break even point on each yacht.

You don’t need to buy the whole yacht

Traditional yacht charter management companies require owners to purchase only new yachts on an individual basis which most often exceed $1,200,000. At NexGen we offer not only options for new builds but also offer select pre-owned yachts into our fleet. In doing so we greatly reduce the capital outlay of our potential owner partners and massively expand the pool of potential owners. Additionally, we are the first yacht charter management company that offers virtually the same benefits in our fractional ShareRev program as full yacht ownership in other programs. For as little as 20% down our fractional owners enjoy up to 5 weeks of sailing, no operating expenses of any kind, and guaranteed revenue that will usually cover their entire mortgage payment.

Current Fractional Opportunities
Yacht 1/4 Share Downpayment Payment Est Rev
Saba 50 – 2015 $ 140,000 $ 28,000 $ 740 $ 8,800
Lagoon 50 – 2019 $ 200,000 $ 40,000 $ 1,050 $ 13,000
Bali 5.4 – 2019 $ 275,000 $ 55,000 $ 1,450 $ 15,750
Sunreef 50 – 2021 $ 500,000 $ 100,000 $ 2,625 $ 30,000
Sunreef 60 – 2021 $ 750,000 $ 150,000 $ 3,950 $ 45,000

Yacht Brokerage

NexGen Yachting will earn significant commissions from the yacht manufacturers through the brokerage, or sale, on every yacht we place into our fleet. Our average commission on each new yacht will be over $250,000 and over $50,000 on each pre-owned vessel we bring into our management program. Additionally we will earn commissions on each yacht we transition out of our fleet at the end of the five year management term.



Yacht Finance

We have partnered with one of the leading marine lenders to finance both new and used yachts that we add to our management fleet. This lender offers excellent terms with rates below 5%, 20 year terms, and flexible credit score options. We will receive referral income on all loans placed with our lender.


Our initial basin of operations is in the British Virgin Islands. From the BVI we can service most areas of the Caribbean including Puerto Rico, USVI, Sint Maartin and most of the southern islands. Over the course of the next five years we intend to add operation basins in St. Kitts, Bahamas, St Vincent, St Lucia, Martinique, Turks & Caicos, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Greece, Seychelles, Tahiti, and Thailand.

Revenue Forecasts

NGY’s forecast for 2021 is $3,254,000 in sales, positive net income, and five yachts in our management program. In 2022 we are projected to reach $12mm in annual revenue, a net income of $1.5mm with at least 20 yachts under managment. Within 5 years we project to have 120 yachts in our fleet with revenue exceeding $70mm. Our largest competitor, Moorings, has over 750 yachts under management so while our projections are aggressive we believe them to be very realistic.