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Generate, edit, save, search, share, trade, and print images with generative AI and 3rd party printing services.


Nexus: A generative AI platform for images

I founded Nexus with the goal of improving the quality of life for humanity by creating useful technology. For this dream my team and I have spent our time working on creating quality software for the synthesis of new images that will enable photographers, artists, and creators to expand and surpass their capabilities and to produce images of qualities and in quantities that surpass what we humans have created to date. Humanity and I have created many digital works of art and seen many gorgeous wallpaper-quality photos. A few have dreamed to make the visual wonders of images unlimited with creative and intelligent software. Now the prospect of having an unlimited source of AI generated imagery is finally coming to fruition with Nexus on the horizon.


Nexus will enable users to generate, edit, save, search, share, trade, and print digital images using AI and 3rd party printing services. With AI users will have the ability to take any input, like text, audio, or other images, and utilize it as a basis for the generation of new images and transforming other images. For example, you could input a song and Nexus AI will generate images based on the music, or you can use the photos in your Nexus account as an input to generate an infinite feed made of synthetic images that you will enjoy. For editing, you could apply a Claude Monet filter to review your family’s photos the way the great artist would paint them, or you could change your appearance to be younger, prettier, stronger, funnier, and smarter using AI. Nexus will allow users to save all of their favorite photos in an easily organizable and searchable filesystem powered by AI. Finally, you will be able to share your best photos with your followers and browse an endless sea of inspiring imagery that other users will create on the platform.


We hope Nexus will be the greatest source of AI generated imagery in the future. The generator will provide users the ability to generate perfect and endless streams of AI generated images optimized to your specific visual desires. There will be revolutionary, new, and advanced ways to filter and browse through streams of AI generated images the likes of which have never existed on any other software before. Every image can be directly edited, saved, shared, and printed from the generator. Users can generate images for free up to a limit beyond which the compute is paid.


Nexus AI will empower graphic designers and digital artists to generate and transform visual detail with magnitudes faster speeds than classical image editing software. With Nexus it will be possible to take, upload, or generate an image, synthesize new lighting, objects, perspectives, and scenery and choose a combination that makes the image flawless. Imagine any person being capable of easily making absolutely perfect images of the kind that were beyond the quality of what they could have created before. Visual perfection, rapid creation, endless variations -that is what our generative AI platform for images will democratize.


The filesystem will enable users to save, organize, and search images they have saved on the Nexus platform using AI. Users will be able to type in what they are searching for and our AI will instantly find it. The AI will be able to organize all of the images into a hierarchy of categories that makes browsing your filesystem as easy as possible. User will have a free and fixed amount of storage with the option to upgrade.


Users will have the ability to share their pictures with their followers; like, comment, and save pictures; message users; and browse images on a social network based on the sharing of images. Nexus AI will make it possible to find anything and anyone in any post and to optimize and filter results based on a user’s preferences. For example, a user can tell the AI that they only want to see pictures of nature and no pictures with civilization.


Nexus will provide a network of 3rd party 2d custom print providers and a list of products from each print provider so that users can browse, create, sell, and print products with their images via a dropshipping model. This will be the first marketplace based on AI designed products. The marketplace will enable users to upload natural and AI-generated images into product designs, buy and sell the designs, and custom print the human and AI designed products. The blank products that will be available will cover all categories of 2d custom printable objects, such as clothes, ceramics, furniture, devices, and canvases made of various materials such as paper, glass, metal, and wood. Any image that a user likes they can print onto any blank product. And users will be able to browse collections of AI and human designed products.

The Team

My name is David Banik and I am an AI researcher, artist, and the CEO of Nexus. Muhammad Aurangzaib is the CTO of Nexus and an experienced technical lead. We have a dedicated team of talented developers working hard to create a supreme generative AI platform for images that will enhance the quality of our visual world.


Nexus is offering our backers two rewards: 1) a $25 Nexus gift card for making purchases on our platform and 2) $50 worth of Nexus subscription credits for storage and compute, which provides for generating and saving up to 50,000 images.

A Message to Our Backers

Thank you all for supporting our dream of building the next generation creative AI platform for images. We will use the finances you wonderful people on Kickstarter have donated to Nexus for hiring AI engineers and paying for cloud compute. We have already made the essential progress that will guarantee our success if we meet our crowdfunding goal. Now all we need is your support to enable us to run our AI algorithms and expand our workforce so that we may enter the market with momentum. We wish you all a good and safe 2020.

Coming this January