$18,275 raised out of $100,000
Start date
Nov 06, 2020
Close date
Dec 07, 2020

Night of the Tommyknockers is our 9th feature film and is a horror western film.



When miners blast for gold in 1856, they accidentally release ancient creatures known as Tommyknockers! The Town of Deer Creek, Nevada is soon under siege with only a handful of survivors held up in the local saloon. Things go from bad to worse when a gang of criminals on the run from a famous bounty hunter arrive in the town to rob the bank. Now everyone is trapped in a deadly battle against these blood-thirsty monsters, each other and their own greed in this ultimate Horror Western showdown.



Below is the trailer for Attack of the Unknown starring Richard Grieco, Robert LaSardo and Tara Reid.  It’s now available on all major VOD platforms and on Blu-ray!
Below is the teaser for Death Count starring Michael Madsen and Costas Mandylor.  We filmed this during the pandemic and the movie is completely shot and in the can.  We currently have 20 minutes of the 90 minute feature edited.  It will be finished in post production within 90 days and released/distributed in late 2021 world-wide.  (A final trailer will be released in late January) 

Below is the temporary poster in for Death Count.  A new one is currently in the works. 
Here is the teaser for Bloodthirst starring Costas Mandylor, Robert LaSardo and Tara Reid.  Filming was completed safely during the pandemic and the first cut is done at 96 minutes.  The movie is signed to Hollywood Media Bridge and they got us a deal with Grindhouse/Lionsgate. The movie will be released in Mid-2021 world-wide.  (A final trailer will be made in a month or so)

Here is the teaser for Bridge of the Doomed zombie film.  We just filmed two pick up days in October 2020.   We filmed more zombie crowd shots, soldiers killing zombies and survivors killing zombies, etc.  The movie was already edited and these additional scenes are being edited in. The movie will be released world-wide in Summer of 2021.

Bridge of the Doomed was featured on the front page of InkTip Magazine! 

Below is the trailer for Art of the Dead starring Jessica Morris, Tara Reid and Richard Grieco.  Walmart picked up over 16,000 copies of the film.  It was well received by the critics!

Below is the trailer for Bus Party to Hell starring Tara Reid. The movie got in over 18,500 redbox locations around the United States.  It was very well received in the horror community and became a cult classic!