$5,497 raised out of $75,000
Start date
Nov 21, 2020
Close date
Jan 02, 2021

Each year, I fundraise in order to support the publication of daily horoscopes and free astrological content for the year ahead!


For the past seven years, I have kept the practice of creating an average of over 300+ daily horoscopes and astrology videos per year and then fundraising for the last 40 days of the year in order to support my work for the year ahead. Each year all of you, my dear subscribers, have stepped up and helped me to support the ongoing creation of all of my astrological content.

This year, I am attempting to break last year’s record of 690 backers by the new year, and we have also set a base goal of raising $75,000 to support my work in 2021. 

The proceeds from this work help me to support myself and my family while also hiring a small team of dedicated workers who help me produce and manage the free content I create, as well as the classes that I teach year-round.

The financial support you give me also allows me to offer need-based tuition options as well as full scholarships to many students who could not otherwise afford astrological training.

I can’t do this work without you, and so I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support!

So, why read, watch, or listen to my daily horoscopes?

Because for thousands of years astrologers have been helping people map out the daily fluctuations of the material world. Because for thousands of years astrology has been a source of spiritual guidance in the midst of life’s ups and downs. Because astrology is a symbolic and imaginative language that reminds us that we are more than just our bodies and that we live in a meaningful and divine cosmos. Because we are each spirit/souls, connected to the same divine mystery. Because astrology is fun and endlessly interesting! Because astrology is an alternative to the same old news cycles we see when we turn on the TV. Because astrology helps you relate to yourself in terms of timeless archetypes, myths, and metaphors. Because astrology is downright magical in terms of what it can predict and describe. And because astrology helps us work through the challenging patterns we face by helping us to understand them and to reflect upon them in a healthy way.

Each of my daily astrology blogs also comes straight from the inspired space of my daily spiritual practice. Before I create anything I have created on any given day, you can know with full certainty that I have done the following:

* Risen and practiced Yoga and worked out

* Engaged in 90 minutes of mantra meditation

* Chanted a full chapter of the Bhagavad Gita and studied other Sacred Yogic Scriptures

* Spent at least 30 minutes studying an ancient astrology source text

* Spent time in prayer, asking for guidance and reflecting on what I will share with each of you that day

* Spent time writing down the main points/ideas I will write about or discuss in a video blog

* Thoughtfully considered the responses and feedback I am currently receiving from all of you

This entire process usually takes me 3-5 hours per day, and I do it year-round (mostly with a smile on my face!). And then, questions come pouring in every day from viewers and readers, which also takes a good amount of time.

I do this work because I believe that spiritual growth doesn’t come without commitment and consistency over a long period of time, and I do this work so that whoever tunes into my astrological content knows that there is spiritual integrity behind what they are taking in.

I don’t share any of this to boast but rather to explain what goes into my work and where I’m coming from. I want people who support me to know that I’m serious about what I do and that I come from a place of love and devotion to my craft and that I will continue to do so in the year ahead if you support my work.

Whatever your own beliefs or practices might be, I can promise you that if you support my work, I will continue to keep up my daily practices, and I will continue to be a trusted and friendly source of astrological insight for 2021. I will continue to share this heavenly wisdom and inspiration from my heart, as a servant, so that others may find some glimmers of hope, faith, and goodness, coming straight from the stars!

Thank you so much for your support. Let’s get to 691 backers this year!

2021 Stretch Goals:

* Continue to hire regular help for the production of my content on social media

* Continue to hire a personal assistant

* Continue to hire helpers for my classrooms

* Continue to make all of our 2021 speaker series programs free to the public

* Remake our Community Herbal Medicine Garden in Minneapolis/St. Paul (which we use to make free herbal medicine)

* Support the update of our technology so that I can continue to improve the quality of my content

* Support the continued development of our Planets and Plants content (Astrology & Herbalism)

* Continue pursuing my own private astrology studies

* Continue to support our need-based scholarships