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Active Sitting Chair | Ergonomic Design | U-shaped Memory Foam Cushion | Better Posture and more!


With its innovative upgraded design, the NOBEL 2.0 Kneeling Chair provides optimal posture alignment, relieving pressure on your back and promoting better spinal health.

✅ Pain Relief for Neck, Back & Shoulders
✅ Active Sitting for Core Engagement
✅ Natural Upright Posture

The Result: You’ll have a pain-free sitting experience with Nobel 2.0

NOBEL 2.0 helps you to sit healthier and safer and provides with relief.

Back & Neck problems affect 80% of the population in the U.S. This is because the way people sit.

Back Can Feel Better!

The underlying principle of a NOBEL 2.0 posture chair is to maintain an ”open” pelvis while you are sitting. This reduces the strain in your lower back that normally occurs when you sit on a conventional chair.

The seat is tilted at a 120° angle (instead of the usual flat 90° your probs used to) which pushes your hips forward. This allows you to maintain an upright seated posture, keep your core engaged, and take tremendous pressure off your lower back.

We upgraded this knee chair to promote an excellent back feeling and be the most comfortable kneeling chair for You!

U-Shaped Gel Memory Foam Pillow

Introducing our chair’s remarkable u-shaped gel memory foam feature. Ergonomically designed seat cushion provides maximum support and comfort while reducing pressure on the coccyx / tailbone and promotes healthy posture.

It’s like a big, luxurious hug for your backside, ensuring sitting feels fantastic.

Relive Lower Back Pain

Pain may be a significant distraction at work, causing you to lose concentration, and reduce productivity. Time to change that! Investment in the best kneeling chair possible to protect your body from excessive stress and damage.

Pressure Relief Ergonomic Cushion

Different Sitting Positions

Our NOBEL 2.0 offers versatility like no other, allowing you to comfortably sit in various positions, including cross-legged. Whether you’re working at the office, meditating, or simply relaxing, our chair accommodates your preferred posture, promoting flexibility and freedom of movement.

Cross Legged Sitting Position

Improve Circulation & Oxygen Level

By promoting better blood flow and oxygen delivery. With active sitting feature and upright position your energy will be increased, keeping you feeling refreshed and energised throughout the day. Say goodbye to sluggishness and hello to enhanced vitality with every sit.

Sit with Upright Posture

Our chair is designed to help you achieve and maintain a more upright posture effortlessly. By providing an open hip angle, it reduces pressure on your back while simultaneously engaging and strengthening your core muscles. 

You are instantly aware that you have improved posture.

Active Sitting & Rocking Motion

As you rock gently, your body stays active, promoting movement and circulation while seated. This unique feature encourages better posture and relieves discomfort from prolonged sitting. With our chair, you can enjoy active sitting while staying comfortable, boosting your well-being and productivity.

Recommended Height: 4’5” to 6’7”

Our chair’s ideal design eliminates the need for manual adjustments. It’s crafted to accommodate individuals ranging from 4’5″ to 6’7″ (135 cm – 198 cm) in height, ensuring optimal comfort for a wide range of users without the hassle of height adjustments.

Save Space in the Room

You can quickly put NOBEL 2.0 kneeling chair up on your desk and have extra space! The traditional office chairs are kind of big & chunky and visually take up the whole space but it is not the case with NOBEL 2.0!

3 Different Colors

The NOBEL 2.0 is available in three stylish models to fit any space:

  • Black ?
  • Gray ?
  • Green ?

The frame is crafted from high-quality birch wood, ensuring durability and a premium aesthetic with 300 LBS weight capacity.

Chiropractors & Bloggers about NOBEL Chair:

We sent our NOBEL 1.0 model to YouTube Bloggers and Chiropractors to have the real reviews!

Quality in every detail

Nobel 2.0 is crafted from premium sourced birch wood, ensuring durability and longevity. With Vilno’s dedication to creating high-quality items since 2020, Nobel 2.0 promises to remain your favorite chair for decades, delivering exceptional comfort and support throughout its life. Here at VILNO, we believe your peace of mind is important.

NOBEL 2.0 comes with a 1-year warranty, so you can focus on making the most of it and discovering your favorite positions on the kneeling chair.

NOBEL 2.0 is Improved Version: Memory Foam U-Shaped Cushion & Solid Birch Wood
Nazar uses Nobel 2.0 and has an Ergonomic Sitting Position

List of what is here:

  • Set of screws & nuts +1x extra of each if you lose one 😉
  • 1x “L” Key
  • 2x (huge) knee pads with memory foam
  • 2x frame panels
  • 1x Cushion with memory foam gel filled pillow
  • All in a giftable white box with a minimalistic design

P.S.: Don’t Worry  Assembly takes less than 5 minutes and we have video instruction just for you!

All chairs are in giftable boxes, making it an exceptional experience. Like all Apple products 🙂

Thousands of 5-star reviews for VILNO since 2020

VILNO is a family-run US company founded by two Ukrainian brothers Danylo & Nazar Ozhho in 2020. VILNO is dedicated to improving sitting posture, better spine health, and productivity through the power of active sitting!

God blessed us with the idea that we upgraded the perfect chair for the home office that can be helpful with back pain and neck discomfort. The kneeling chair is meant to reduce lower back strain by dividing the burden of one’s weight between the shins and the buttocks.

Since 2020 here at VILNO we have sold thousands of kneeling chairs and received hundreds of 5 ⭐️ reviews and stories that this chair is life-changing!

After collecting all feedback for the first version of the chair, we created an upgraded kneeling chair: NOBEL 2.0. We ask for your support!
Facebook reviews under Facebook & Instagram posts of VILNO
TrustPilot Rating for NOBEL 1.0 Kneeling Chair
Trustpilot reviews for VILNO chairs

Shipping Info:

Shipping is not included in the reward cost and shipping is paid after the completion of the campaign in the Pledge Manager

We delivered 10’000+ chairs and other products to our US, UK, Australian, European, and Asian customers since 2020. Here at VILNO know how to make sure that your chair will arrive as soon as possible to your doorways!

We are doing our best to cover duties and taxes for all countries we ship to, however, there might be some regions where this is not possible. we will keep you informed through our campaign updates.

For any questions or ideas, you can reach us by email at kickstarter@vilno.co.

Our co-founder Nazar will assist you personally. 

The Nobel 2.0 is patent pending due to its unique design, featuring a U-shaped memory foam pillow, larger frame, 4 wooden bars, thicker 15 cm cushions, adjustable knee pads, and a wider difference between the beginning and end of the chair. Unauthorized copying of the Nobel 2.0 is strictly prohibited. VILNO works with American and European intellectual property law firms specialized in intellectual property rights enforcement to ensure robust protection of our innovative design. Prior to development, patent searches were conducted by our American IP lawyers. Nobel 2.0 is made from functional elements not protected by copyright and Nobel 2.0 is now under patent pending status as a whole product. Any infringement of intellectual property rights regarding Nobel 2.0 will result in legal action, entailing criminal and financial liabilities for the violator.

Kneeling Chair Story:

The history of kneeling chairs dates back to ancient times, with evidence of their use dating back to ancient Egypt. In ancient Egyptian ceremonies, kneeling was a method used to maintain good posture and demonstrate respect.

Kneeling chairs were also used in Japan around 150 years before Christ, where they were utilized for meditation and prayer practices. However, the modern concept of kneeling chairs as we know them today began to take shape in the late 20th century. By the turn of the millennium, when the patents from the 70ies expired, kneeling chairs became more widespread, offering individuals an alternative seating option to promote better posture and reduce back strain.

Vilno’s contribution to the evolution of kneeling chairs comes in the form of the upgraded Nobel 2.0. This innovative chair features a U-shaped memory foam ergonomic pillow, a larger frame, four wooden bars instead of one, thicker 15 cm cushions instead of the traditional 5-8 cm, adjustable knee pads, and a wider difference between the beginning and end of the chair. Vilno’s Nobel 2.0 is currently patent pending, showcasing their commitment to advancing the comfort and ergonomics of kneeling chairs.

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