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May 04, 2022
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Jun 01, 2022

The second volume of viking medals inspired by the nordic crafts of viking culture and based on norse mythology. Designed in Denmark.


Expanding on the success of our Norse Medals Vol. I, the danish team of artists are back with a new series of medals inspired by Norse mythology. Designed in Denmark in joint venture with Isolated Thunderstorm.

There is a BIG difference between a coin and a medal. This is not your standard EDC coinage – this is EDC reminder coins on steroids! Every Norse Medal measures a whopping 2.7 inches (70mm) in diameter and with a thickness of 0.2 inches (5mm). The weight of the medal surprises many people when it exchanges hands.

Norse Medals Vol. II presents 4 metallic medals depicting iconic battlescenes from Ragnarok,  the cataclysmic end of the cosmos in Norse mythology. Each medal featuring a unique and mortal duel between the Gods and Jotunn.

THE FREJ MEDAL – The runes read ‘FREJ BEKÆMPER SURT‘ in danish, meaning ‘Frejr fights Surtr‘. Here, Frejr is bravely facing the destructive fire giant Surtr carrying his flaming sword. (Frejr dies in battle and Surtr’s fire burns heaven and earth.) 

This medal has copper plating with antique finish. 2.7 inches (70mm) in diameter.

THE THOR MEDAL – The runes read ‘THOR MOD JORMUNGAND‘ in danish, meaning ‘Thor against Jormungandr‘. The scene on this medal features The War God Thor fighting his arch enemy, The Midgard Serpent. (Thor wins the duel, but ultimately dies from his own wounds.) 

This medal has silver plating with antique finish. 2.7 inches (70mm) in diameter.

THE ODIN MEDAL – The runes read ‘ODIN BEKÆMPER FENRIS‘ in danish, meaning ‘Odin fights Fenrir‘. Odin, mounted on his eight-legged horse Sleipnir, fighting the giant wolf Fenrir. (Ultimately Fenrir slays Odin in this duel.) 

This medal has gold plating with antique finish. 2.7 inches (70mm) in diameter.

THE VIDAR MEDAL – The runes read ‘VIDAR BEKÆMPER FENRIS‘ in danish, meaning ‘Vidarr fights Fenrir‘. On this medal, Vidarr is bravely facing the giant wolf Fenrir in mortal combat. (Vidar holds the wolf’s jaw open, then slices Fenrir’s mouth to pieces with his sword .) 

This medal has bronze plating with antique finish. 2.7 inches (70mm) in diameter.

We made this easy for you in the pledge tiers. You will find that the Norse Medal pouches and boxes are included in some pledge tiers, so we encourage you to pick the pledge tier, which is just right for you. You can, however, also add additional pouches/boxes to your existing pledge to customise it to your preference. Medal, pouch and box variants are all specified in your survey once the funding has ended on Kickstarter.

The boxes come in grey, blue and black and are designed to hold one medal each. 

The pouches come in grey and black and are designed to hold one medal each and are manufactured in imitated suede.

High North Novelty Box (LIMITED EDITION)

You will find the Novelty box listed as included in the High North pledge tier. Essentially, the High North Novelty Box is a great way to transport or store your collection of Norse Medals (or anything else for that matter) with style. This is a special hard box variant with matte, linen texture and artwork stamped in opulent gold foil. This box is a perfect fit for 8 boxed Norse Medals of any design. 

The inner measurements of the Novelty box is L: 197mm, W: 91mm, H: 75mm. 

 “These things are much bigger and heavier than I expected.”Sightless Scholar

“I’m beyond words! They will be appreciated for life.”Diego Escobar

“Very impressive execution and very well packaged.”Kenneth Ost

” It looks even better than I expected. Great job!!”Aitoraco

“The medals are amazing quality and detail”Omen2646

“Very impressed how well made they are!”Lavascio

Many items from our previous Kickstarter projects are also available as optional add-ons for all backers of the project. You will see the full list of available add-ons when placing and modifying your pledge to this project. 

Here are the addons in overview:

Completely original, yet classic art style! SAGA Playing Cards are custom, luxury poker playing cards, designed with an iconic, inspired by the viking era of Scandinavia. There are 3 editions of Saga Playing Cards, each with their own unique color scheme:

Conquerors (black), Raiders (red) and Seafarers (blue).  

The tuck material has a raw texture for an authentic and luxury feel that compliments their respective delicate and antique metals foils well.These items are available as optional add-ons for all backers of the project.

The first series of our Norse Medals Vol. I are available as optional add-ons for all backers of the project, while supplies last.

We only have a limited supply from our first series left in stock. See below how to apply add-ons.

The SAGA metal coins are manufactured in antique copper with 3D embossing and with a large diameter of 2 inches (50mm). The two sides have different designs as shown above. Add +129 DKK for 1 Saga coin. See below how to apply add-ons.

The SAGA deck pouches are designed to fit one deck of cards each and are manufactured in black satin quality in two variants, both designed with artwork in copper foil. Add +30 DKK for 1 Saga pouch. See below how to apply add-ons.

How to apply add-ons

To apply one or more add-ons, you must make a pledge to the project and then the list of all available addons will appear in this interface. Just like the pledge tier itself, you can change and add more addons while the project is still actively funding on Kickstarter.

If you have any doubts or questions in relation to how add-ons work you are more than welcome to send us a private message. We will not be using BackerKit or any other post-funding pledge manager to apply add-ons after the funding has ended on Kickstarter.


Feel free to send me a private message at all times to arrange a custom reward combo which is not possible via the default system or if you are unsure how the new addons interface works on Kickstarter.

The project is designed with the danish way of spelling the names of the Gods and Jotunn. Ie. in Denmark we traditionally say ‘Fenris’ or ‘Fenrisulven’, not ‘Fenrir’. In texts and comments we may be using the english terms to ease communication, while the designs themselves are based on the danish way of pronouncing the Gods and Jötnar. 

This project is developed and managed by Marianne Larsen in collaboration with team members Martin Helgren, Patrick Leis, Svend Normand and Nicolai Aaroe. 

This collaborative team of devoted artists is collectively known as the Design Imperator team and has been working on several other succesful projects funded on Kickstarter, including our Saga Playing Cards

You can see all our previous projects on Kickstarter with this link.