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Start date
Oct 20, 2020
Close date
Nov 12, 2020

Nova Aetas: Renaissance
an awesome game that will guide you in a storic and magical age.


Let yourself be captivated by the magical atmosphere of Nova Aetas Renaissance! Set in a fantasy Italian Renaissance, this game will bring you into a  mythical campaign, based upon historical events of the war between Rome  and Venice in the early 1500s.

Nova Aetas: Renaissance is a reimplementation of our first game, funded  on KS nearly 5 years ago. This new, improved version is born from the  experience gained during these years, it will give you a deeper  experience by immersing you and your group in a charming and mysterious  Italy, full of historical characters such as Leonardo da Vinci, Caterina  Sforza, and many others – both real and imaginary.


Designed by Andrea Colletti and Luca Bernardini (founders of Ludus Magnus Studio, developers of the first Nova Aetas and Sine Tempore), Nova Aetas Renaissance will offer you fantastic adventures, with exploration mechanics perfectly paired with character development, and an exciting combat system.

Why support Nova Aetas Renaissance on KS?

Nova Aetas Renaissance is a massive game, full of top quality materials, miniatures and graphic contents. The price we offer now is only possible on Kickstarter, being a direct sale from producer to end user. We are contemplating a “light” version for potential distribution, but it will never have the same content at the same price. Currently there are no agreements, therefore we cannot guarantee that it will reach the shelves of your region. 

To reward the commitment of our backers who support the project and who will bring it to life, we have provided a series of extras to make the game truly deluxe, such as the customized dice for each player or additional miniatures in place of game tokens.

In Nova Aetas Renaissance up to 4 heroes will face a campaign of 26 missions, containing 6 different endings. Choose your hero and immerse yourself into the Italian Renaissance, full of intrigues and exceptional characters.
Nova Aetas Renaissance is a dungeon crawler with strong appeal to tactical RPG videogames, where the artificial intelligence of the enemies will push your skills to the ultimate test. A fluid and dynamic turn system, as opposed to the classic “move and hit”, makes the responses of the enemies challenging and unpredictable.
Another special feature is between one mission and the next one, you will have the chance to visit cities and villages across Italy to develop your hero, crafting new equipment or finding secondary missions that will allow you to find new powerful weapons and armor, along with a rich and fulfilling story.

Immersive, story-driven exploration will bring the Italian Renaissance to life. A book with over 100 pages of branched story scripts will provide you many different paths to your goal, as well as several different endings to your adventures! You will be called upon to solve puzzles and find important objects that can help in future missions.

 All the video reviews are coming soon.

This project will be developed through two types of SGs: one made to improve the contents of the box and one to add free material.
If you choose to support us during this campaign your pledge will acquire more and more value as it progresses.

Interest in Nova Aetas Renaissance could potentially explode thanks to your support. Help us spread the word to unlock new and exclusive game elements.

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Master of commerce

Master Peio is a wonder child and gifted alchemist, and thanks to the early teachings handed down by the masters of the Forge, he is now able to create objects with incredible power.

Different add-ons will be available by the end of the campaign. They will give you the opportunity to bring a more exciting experience to the game, exploring new territory, facing new challenges or enriching the game with exclusive artistic material.

Nova Aetas Renaissance represents a new challenge for the entire creative team.

All the illustrations of the game have been produced to reflect and remain faithful to the basic concept of the game: take a historical period like the Renaissance and spread a veil of fantasy over it, to make it even more exciting and unpredictable. It will truly be a magical game world you will enter.

We then begin a study of the customs of the time, on tools, weapons and lifestyle in general and then enhance everything with a sprinkling of classical mythology, which just during that period was shining with a new and believable life.

A challenge that puts a strain on our sculptors who, thanks also to modern printing technology, are able to dare, going deeper with the incredible details and make each model a small work of art in itself.

All this work will then be concluded by an exceptional graphic sector that manages to make every single element of the game elegant, functional and qualitatively superior.

All models are in 38mm scale, in line with the most modern games. Below you can see our models compared to those of other popular games.

Here, you can get a better idea of the scale between the different Nova Aetas Renaissance models.

To create this project our sculptors, Fernando Armentano and Tommaso  Incecchi, out-did themselves, giving true life to the new models. Each  miniature has been studied and developed to provide the best possible result for the  final product.
     The experience they acquired during the last few years gives us the  confidence to say that you will have in your hands some of the best  miniatures within the hobby industry.

     Down Here you can see details in some of our models from other projects,  going from render to resin cast to final result (PVC).
     We are using – and we will use – for this project one of the best factories in  this sector, the same factory that produced top recent games like  Tainted Grail and Nemesis.

Below you can see some splendid miniatures painted by Angel GiraldeZ.

Miniatures painted by Angel GiraldeZ

Our Team

The company was founded thanks to the combined passion of three boardgame enthusiasts, who decided to transfer their appreciation and love for quality products into the creation and development of new and unique projects: Nova Aetas was our first major project, and from our growth since then we now offer an enhanced experience to a fine game.

In the last five years, the Ludus Magnus team has grown to include new members, creating a close family of 12 people.
  Our team includes illustrators, sculptors, game designers, administrative, marketing, and logistics staff.

This means we are able to fully conceive, develop, and produce a game using in-house resources.

In recent years the company has also acquired significant experience working on third-party projects, collaborating with companies such as Ares Games, Pendragon Games, Maki Games, Minion Games, Tabula Games, Reggie Games, and Ergo Ludo Edition.

External team
    Thanks to past projects, we have been able to establish a number of collaborations with external artists and game designers who bring additional energy into our games.

During this campaign, we hope to reveal and unlock a number of creations designed specifically for Nova Aetas Renaissance by the most renowned Italian Game designers and Illustrators: Italy has produced some of the finest art the world has ever seen. 

We, at Ludus Magnus Studio, hope to continue that fine tradition.

Nova Aetas Renaissance is a finalized game that has been tested for several years. All the files are already in the hands of the factory in China and only awaits the number of copies to start production and the unlocked SGs to add.

All additional material files are already prepared and they just need your support to be produced.

Please note, however, that if a new wave of COVID hits the Chinese factories or the shipping industry the next year, this delivery estimate may be affected beyond our control.

Thanks to our prior experience in game production we can establish where there may be delays in delivery. All KS projects where the number and type of SGs and add-ons implies a subsequent development and playtest phase can usually lengthen the time for shipments from a few months to a couple of years.