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Portable, Durable & Sustainable. Reduce the use of petroleum-based plastic & eliminate single-use plastic straw.


Bio-based plastics (non bio-degradable) will be the next generation of sustainable material to replace petroleum-based plastics. In this campaign, we will bring you this new concept of Bio-PP (bio-based polypropylene).   

We’re bringing you an ideal reusable straw to get rid of single-use straw: 

Just 1-click, 0.2 sec easily to restore to an original straw, 100% air-tight. Premium quality to be using 2,000 times.  

Streamline shape, comfort lip-touch. nubo Straw offers you a smooth & comfort drinking experience. With 7mm inner diameter, it’s perfect to enjoy smoothie or fruity beverages. 

Slanted safe tip. Sometimes you need to poke the cup-seal, the slanted tip was fine tuned, it can be easily poking the seal, but it doesn’t sting your fingertip.   

Simple structure for hygiene purpose. nubo Straw is 100% surface exposed. There is no complex structure, such as notch, latch, slot or any blind space which could trap germs.    

Simple structure, easy to clean

Drainage holes at bottom of nubox (box for nubo), and with benefits of straight hollow shape, water won’t be trapped inside. Ventilated holes at the nubox side help to get rid of moisture. In each time use, nubo Straw is fresh and odorless.   

Big opening mouth of nubox, nubo Straw can be easily packed. You don’t need to struggle with the storage of resuable straw. We made nubox as simple as possible to save your time !  

Slim nubox (18mm) can be tucked into jeans pocket, stuffing into small bag, or hanging on the backpack. nubo Straw was well protected and kept away from dust. Bring along with nubox, go everywhere you want. Smart to go.

Reusable: nubo Straw can be repeatly using 2,000 times. One nubo Straw eliminates 2,000 single-use straws.

Recyclable: When nubo Straw came to the end of life span, it can be recycling at the same flow of conventional PP. 

Renewable: Bio-PP is the first Polypropylene produced from sustainable bio-based raw materials: recycled waste vegetable oil.

“We’re going back to the fundamentals of a reusable straw : durable quality & sustainable material.”

Durability is a key in designing of a good reusable straw. The basic concept of nubo Straw is cutting an original straw into two halves, re-engineered the precise joint, without using o-ring seal, screw thread, or notch structure. We created this pocket-size reusable straw, simply one-click to restore to an original straw, leak-proof, hygienic and its durable quality can be using 2,000 times.   

We can do more to protect our environments, nubo Straw adopts a revolutionary green material : Bio-PP (bio-based Polypropylene), instead of conventional petroleum-based PP. 

Its feed-stock of production come from recycled waste vegetable oil, which is bio-based renewable resource. 

Bio-PP has same properties of conventional PP material, namely, rugged & durable, temperature resistance, chemical resistance and food-contact safe. In addition with recent breakthrough technology of recycling PP, Bio-PP will be a solution to phase out petroleum-based PP in the future. 

In the future, scientists will be developing more innovative green materials, to make our world more sustainable, by recycling the wastes, replacing petroleum-plastic, and reducing CO2 emissions.    

Kickstarter Early Bird Special for 100 sets ONLY! 

  • Free shipping to Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau for all packs.
  • Free shipping worldwide for 4 packs or more.

In previous design, nubo (Jumbo) Straw (inner diameter 11mm) has been successfully launched in 2019. The construction consist of a metal connector, upper & lower section both have screw thread, hence, it can be easily assembled to restore to an original straw. It adopted different materials, natural straw+PP, PCTG, stainless-steel & silicone.

  •  nubo (Jumbo) Straw, inner diameter 11mm
  • Upper & Lower Section : with screw thread
  • Connector : stainless-steel + silicone 

In this campaign, new nubo (Regular) Straw (inner diameter 7mm), the construction was re-designed, without using metal connector, upper & lower section without screw thread. It can be easily restored to an original straw, just with “one-click”. It adopts Bio-PP material.

  •  New nubo (Regular) Straw, inner diameter 7mm
  • Upper & Lower Section : without screw thread
  • No connector or silicone seal

Promise and ready to produce. The production mold tools of nubo Straw is scheduled to build. Estimated production will be started in October. nubo Straw will be ready for shipping in November 2020.    

nubo Straw design was inspired by Blue Whale. Image of eyes, streamline body and big tail of Blue Whale can be seen in the design. nubo Blue Whale Straw was designed and manufactured in Taiwan (more than 20 different species of whales & dolphins living in Taiwan’s East Coast). We are very exciting in this design work, this biggest mammal and beautiful creature reminding us : We are all connected, we are living together with Blue Whale in the same Oceans. 

Bring Nature into Culture. TRUEGRASSES was founded in Taipei, Taiwan in 2013. Products collaborate with natural grass or recyclable materials, with ECO+ART design concept. It brings with spiritual soul of Nature, and connecting our soul with primitive origins of life. 

nubo takes a small step, you take a big step. When you use nubo Blue Whale Straw, you are joining us to make our world more sustainable. Please help to grow the community and share to your friends.

Any inquiries for media, wholesales, please contact us: supportnubo@truegrasses.com