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A wholesome webtoon series about the human guy and the ghost lady living together in a haunted house~


 This is my relaunch of my 2nd Project 

Thank you so much for encouraging me to continue for this series~

Animation was was too much and I will set it aside and focus to comics instead~

and again, thank you so much for the heartwarming and undying support for Oh My Ghost~

Oh My Ghost Webtoon~?

Oh My Ghost is a wholesome Action Comedy Romance Supernatural webtoon series that is currently 7 seasons with 800+ chapters ~

The narrative is about a human guy, (Loi), a poor guy who is desperate to find a place to stay. So, Loi decided to live in a very cheap haunted house where he will meet Maya, the ghost, who is scared Of ghosts and other scary stuffs. and who likes to eat. Yes, you READ IT RIGHT~! This ghost can eat because logic is useless here in this series~

OH MY GHOST # 2 is a 80+ page comic series and will be collecting some early episodes of season 1 from WEBTOON in a new sequential format and redraw all the old episodes ~ Yes, I’m going to reboot the series and that’s not at all, I’m also going to add an extra scenes that is exclusive only for both comic book print and PDF reward~ Do you know Oh My Ghost has already 7 seasons in Webtoon with 800+ episodes~?


Enter New Characters Jaja and Kenta~

 What is the story behind OH MY GHOST~?

Oh My Ghost is my very 1st webtoon series that I made since 2016~ It’s a series that I made and serves as a diary of mine with little fantasies in my mind~ It’s like a hidden message for myself~

All the stories and arcs are mostly base in real life situations and some are just anime, movie and other pop culture references~


I’ve been 5 years in webtoon hoping to become one of the originals but I started to lose hope and I feel the I’m not growing anymore and it feels so stagnant, so I decided to self publish instead and hoping to gain experience here in kickstarter~

With you help by supporting me on Kickstarter, you will help me to bring Oh My Ghost to life~!

I’ve always dreamed of making my passion for COMICS as my actual job, and with Kickstarter, I hope to help fulfill that dream. If you enjoy my work then please consider becoming a backer to help further my goal of becoming a professional artist and to spread wholesomeness to the world. Also, I’m planning to hire an assistant to help me to redraw the older seasons of OH MY GHOST and my other “on haitus” Series, also I have a plan to make an anime video series of Oh My Ghost, as you see I create many animation of anime-inspired opening for Oh My Ghost~ Thank you for your support, and I hope you like my work~ teehee~


As a reward for being wholesome,  I’ll give you a lot of rewards~


-A digital copy of SEASON 1 both issue #1 and #2 in a PDF format~

-Digital Wallpapers

-additional pinup page

-and of course the Physical Copy of OMG # 2~!

– psst, There’s a secret unlock reward~ teehee~! (Hint: it’s an Animation ~ XD just kidding, who knows~)


Weee~! Stretch goals.  And if I’m lucky enough to reach my initial funding goal, I’ll unlock a haunting mystery extra rewards for our backers~ Stay tune~ teehee~

Hint (animation and Other Stuffs) teehee~