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Jun 17, 2022
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Jun 18, 2022

✔️ Randomized solutions = multiple game plays ✔️ New scenarios released monthly✔️ 540 min game play



Come in & tune in – You are about to embark on an adventure through time! Welcome to the world of Ohm’s Quest – an interactive gaming console that combines sensory and audio elements for a brand-new, fully immersive story experience. 

There’s no setup and no rulebook to memorize; just turn on the Time Radios and select a scenario to get started!

Escape Rooms are great – the thrill, the mystery, the anticipation. They are also a one-time, time-limited experience often leaving you wanting more. Their book/ card/ board game equivalents are great too, BUT you cannot replay them.

Ohm’s Quest addresses all of those issues taking you onto a new adventure every month – or however often you want it, really. Let’s take a look at what makes us a world’s first experience:

Ohm’s Quest comes with 3 pre-loaded stories x 3 chapters per story giving you a total of 540 min of gameplay. That’s nearly 10 Escape Room visits costing you $400 USD less than what you’d pay for it! And if we reach our stretch goals, even more chapters will be added to each story!

But wait, there’s more! With an adjustable difficulty level and randomized solutions for each play-through, you can replay the stories time & time again. Can you beat your best solve time?

Recharge the console with new adventures! Our range of physical and digital add-ons (available as a part of this campaign) will let you extend and modify your game plays – with universal design elements featuring a display screen, buttons, dials, joystick, RFID reader & cable slots, we’ll be able to release a multitude of stories for the same console!

But wait, there’s more… again! New games will be released monthly, available either as a subscription or a one-time purchase letting you extend your console’s lifetime.

Our Time Radio console features interactive lights & sounds and engages a range of sensory experiences to let you immerse fully. We are not JUST a puzzle game. We aim to to manufacture each unit using luxurious materials for a sleek, brass look. 

With our design deeply rooted in the steampunk culture, we want your Time Radio to be something you display and not quickly hide away after a game. 


And…yes, you guessed it! We also think that the whole ‘work and play on screens’ thing can be a bit much. By combining the best of video & board game elements, we want to make sure  Ohm’s Quest is a video-free haven. Enjoy the best of digital and technological advancements in a video-free way!

Our promise? Forever rulebook-free, setup-free. Ohm’s Quest is ready whenever you are. making it the ideal spontaneous gameplay experience! Turn on your Time Radios and you are ready to go.

Ohm’s Quest is also truly and uniquely collaborative. None of that ‘bossing around’ thing here, no sir, no mam! Information in our games is asymmetric – so communication is key. 

Plus the solutions often require multiple hands so everyone is involved. All hands on deck!

Dying to know how to play it? We hope so! Let’s take a look:






Getting excited? We really hope so! We’ve had such a blast putting this experience together and we cannot – I repeat, we cannot – wait to have you play it!

Why don’t we peek into how the game is played? Spoiler warning: while we avoid spoilers in the other sections, this one contains spoilers! 

Explainer video featuring the two founders:


Here are a few short gameplay clips:




All videos feature prototypes, so the gameplay will continue evolving and getting even better with our testers’ feedback!

Let us take a closer look at the hero of the hour. Our unique Time Radio! 


What exactly the Time Radio IS still remains a bit of a mystery. Each story has its share of surprises as you learn to use the Time Radios in new ways. 

These strange pieces of hardware are full of interfaces, both visible and hidden ones, that you will combine in various ways. Grab it and get familiar with it so you’re ready to take on Ohm’s challenges!

Aka your spiritual guide. Your quest master. You name it! The RFID reader can scan the provided RFID cards. Simply place the card against the reader to hear a clue! 

Easily the most important side – the control panel boasts lights, buttons, a dial with 8 settings & a directional joystick. Think of it as your mission control center. 

Tune in! Through the speakers, you will receive your missions. Ohm’s Quest’s stories will also be fully voiced all the way through – so you’ll never be alone on your journey, so listen closely, as a minor detail might lead you down the fast-track to solving a seemingly complex mystery. Or… it could just be a red herring. No promises! 

Aka the mysterious side of the Time Radio. It can be used to connect cubes together and synchronize actions. Gather your crew, you will need them! 

The Time Screen is highly advanced for Miss Ohm’s 19th century time – showing how innovative she is! Miss Ohm can send simple images through to the Time Screen to aid you on your mission. The time remaining before disaster strikes is displayed here too, so keep an eye on it.

The Time Radio also contains an accelerometer which means it knows what way it’s facing – making some of our puzzles even more complex and interesting!

We promised you a fully immersive experience, didn’t we? We meant business! 

Now our dear time traveler, it is time to introduce you to the star of our game. The one, the only – Miss Ohm.

Miss Ohm is co-protagonist of Ohm’s Quest along with yourself and your fellow crew members.  She is an inventor, amateur detective, and the creator of the Time Radio, the console used to embark on Missions.


She is in her 20s living in the early 19th century. She is resilient and witty with a keen eye for detail…Listen closely to her if you want to save the world.


Buckle up and get ready to set out on adventures through time with her! 

What sort of adventures may you ask? As you already know, Ohm’s Quest is designed to beextendable – so the launch is just the beginning! We plan to have new content added monthly so you and your time crew don’t have time to get bored.

We plan to build an online platform where storytellers can share their stories – that means more playtime with your Time Radios!

Ohm’s Quest will include 3 base stories. Each of those 3 stories will come with at 4 (replayable) chapters giving you just around 720 min of gameplay! Let’s take a look at what’s in-store: 


But wait… oh you know the drill! We also have another optional Add-on Story! Here’s a sneak peek:

Ready to save the day? Head to the Rewards section now OR take a look at what our game testers had to say! 

Did you know that 96% of our testers (and we tested 300 of them!) said they would play Ohm Quest again and 92% were ready to recommend it to their friends & family after the initial play through? Take a look at what they had to say! 

We hope we can add your review of Ohm’s Quest soon, too! 

So down to business now. You want it? Claim it! Grab our best deal today to avoid disappointment! 

Pledge today to get in on the action and get backer-exclusive content!

Stories are available à-la-carte as add-ons in the pledge manager. Each Story contains a set of game cards used in that Story’s Chapters. Simply select the add-on Story at checkout:


Wherever you are based we’ve got you covered – we want to be open about our shipping estimates so take at look at the table below! Shipping will be collected via pledge manager. VAT & other regional taxes associated with a backer’s region will also be collected in the pledge manager.

Duty-free shipping to the US and most of Europe. Customs fees may apply to other regions.

That’s a wrap everyone! All that’s left is to introduce you to the people behind this grand idea – meet our founders! 

The idea for an escape game console was born one day when Etienne walked out of a thrilling Escape Room in Barcelona and thought to himself “I wish I could play again!”. He envisioned a cube that could be unfolded with tons of hidden compartments and surprises and with help from his associate, Allison, he built it and named it “aMazingCube”, imagining it would work great for team-building events.


When the pandemic hit, the team needed to channel the discoveries made while developing the aMazingCube into a portable, consumer-friendly console that could be played anywhere. With the help of electronics guru Thierry Orlandi –  the two co-founders whipped up a prototype of a miniature aMazingCube. It was a hit!


The French Tech got on board to support the project and help take it to the next level. All the new console needed was a dreamy look to top it off – that’s when Fabien Deboves stepped into the picture. Fabien designed a sleek, steampunk design and in the meanwhile, Arthur Bourgeais drew epic illustrations to match the theme, for a polished gameplay experience.


All that’s left is to start manufacturing asap!


We’re working on putting together the specs for those who are interested. Here are the specs for our demo units. The final product will vary slightly but we are aiming for these same dimensions: