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A subscription-based content library for commercial real estate agents.

Professional development, advice, resources, and peer forums.


Every great athlete benefits from coaching. So do singers, writers, artists…and commercial real estate professionals

There are an estimated 100,000 full-time commercial real estate agents in the United States, and they are a disparate bunch. Almost all of them are independent contractors, meaning that they live on “commission-only” income. They do not have to attend sales meetings, share data or wear a certain outfit – but they must also provide for their own training. The agents know that coaching would increase their income, but there is no central source for this coaching that is readily available, constantly updated, and affordable.

Enter the One More Deal platform. Subscribers to this platform will be able to choose a monthly subscription fee that fits their budget. The more they pay, the wider the range of content that will be available to them. Each agent will choose their level of subscription based on this value proposition: 

What would I be willing to spend if it enabled me to make just one more deal per year? 

Because the commission to the agent on a typical deal can range from $5,000 to $100,000, the agents quickly understand how to choose their level of training.

A few brokerage agencies offer internal training opportunities, and some agents seek private coaches for their professional development. The first option is usually generic– a “one size fits all” approach.  Many agents have had the experience of taking a class and then realizing that they have forgotten most of the concepts within a week. The second option is expensive ($1,000 per month and up on a fixed annual contract).  One More Deal allows agents to choose their subject matter, select a monthly subscription fee that fits their budget, and unsubscribe at any time.  One More Deal makes high quality, relevant content available to any commercial real estate agent who wants it.

The learning opportunities inside One More Deal will include recorded courses (specialized topics of 1-2 hours broken down into 10-15 minute lessons), self-assessments, templates for specialized documents, discussion boards (monitored by coaches), interviews with thought leaders, monthly “ask me anything” webinars, and for select subscribers, a monthly mastermind group comprised of a facilitator and up to a dozen top performing agents.

All content in One More Deal responds to a single question: how does this material enable me to make at least one more deal in the next year? The subscriber is always presented with very practical action steps. He or she can constantly envision how the application of the material transports them to greater effectiveness – and the capture of an opportunity that might have otherwise slipped away.

One More Deal is the vision of Blaine Strickland, a 40-year veteran of the commercial real estate brokerage arena. Blaine earned two degrees in real estate from the University of Florida and has written two best-selling books about becoming a top-producing agent. He’s been a professor, instructor, speaker, and coach. You can learn more about Blaine at his website, www.hbs-resources.com. This project is Blaine’s opus – he’s aggregated everything he’s learned to share it with you on this platform.

The One More Deal platform will be released, publicly, on Thinkific.com on March 15, 2021. The platform is already under construction and will have limited content available for preview by mid-January 2021. In the period between mid-January and mid-March, we will be working with beta testers and installing the subscription payment system. The goal is to launch with a well-tested, smoothly operating system that contains enough content to be appealing to potential subscribers.

The purpose of this Kickstarter campaign is to raise enough money to ensure that we can continue to develop content that will be released at or shortly after launch. By the time of launch, we will have spent about $35,000 on video production (it takes a village to record a course!). This $50,000 will enable us to develop several more courses in the months after launch. We believe that the key to success will be to show subscribers that we will always be able to deliver additional content. More content means more value to the subscribers. Eventually, the subscription base will expand to the point where the monthly subscription fees enable a continual flow of funds for content creation.