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Start date
Apr 25, 2022
Close date
Apr 26, 2022

3-bag luggage system – 2 backpacks integrated into an expandable spinner. Never check a bag again!









Risk & Challenges

We are confident in our design, and in our testing and quality processes. We’ve been through four prototypes to develop the Revolution Rolling Pack, and this was after all the market feedback from our first product (which launched in 2019, and went through 8 prototypes). Our product design has also been validated by two US patents. The main risks to be overcome in delivering this product have to do with the Covid19 pandemic, and the impact it has had on production and shipping. Vietnam (where we manufacture our product) has had problems with Covid, and has sometimes ordered lockdowns to control the spread of the disease. These could affect the timing of delivery. To address this, we have made the decision not to rush the product, and to only launch when we can reasonably accurately estimate the lead times. We are now at that point. We delivered every single bag when we launched our first product in 2019, and we plan to do so again!

Going Green

Long-lasting design

Durability has been built into the Revolution Rolling Pack from the very start of our design effort. We started by analyzing the feedback from the 1300+ customers of our original Venture Rolling Pack, which was itself a durable and well manufactured product. Then, we designed multiple improvements to further increase the durability of the product. Durability features include all YKK zippers, security loops to hold attachment zippers, CBT tape to reduce wear and tear, and replacing velcro straps with ultra-strong seatbelt webbing when we redesigned the unit.

Environmentally friendly factories

We decided to manufacture in Vietnam because it has greater transparency than other Asian sources. We have a detailed list of our vendor’s suppliers. In addition, we sought out suppliers who were BlueSign certified wherever possible. In the Revolution Rolling Pack, the main fabric, the liner, the mesh, the zippers, the plastic hardware such as hooks and buckles, and the Velcro all come from BlueSign certified suppliers. We will continue to seek out ways to improve the environmental friendliness of our suppliers as we continue to develop product. We believe we have made a good start, particularly for a small start-up, and we will sustain the effort.