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Ecosystem for a city , tool for communication.



Eventbrite, All Events In City, Unation, 10times, Ticketmaster, Meetup ,LikeALocal, Facebook Event, StubHub, Vivid Seats. Frankly, I made a big mistake when I thought I was the inventor of this idea. Then I was very upset when I saw how many similar applications there are, but realizing that still my application is different and it is able to offer more. Plus there is no clear leader among them, despite the fact that some of them have existed for a long time and I think there is still time create competition for them.

Readers, keep in mind that I did not know that such applications already exist

I do not want to change the text, because I find it quite frank.

What is my goal?

My goal is to create a platform where all the events happening around a person were known to them, moreover, they can participate  or create the event. In my opinion, such an ecosystem will make the connections between people stronger. Encourage users to go beyond their daily ritual. Even if they use the application only for their activities, sooner or later the opportunities that will be around them will interest them. In conclusion, it will help a person to improve their communication skills, facilitate the search for information and opportunities for implementation.

First part of the app

Did you have this moment when you live most of the life in small town or come there, and understand that is nowhere to go, boring, I’ll ready to do something like a good move, but who need that help just right now. Life in a small town forms a ritual life that is repeated from year to year, but this is not a problem of a small town just like in big cities, this form of ritual is a little bigger, and only if a person wants to expand their horizons in a big citys it is easy to do, but still not easy as with my app.

So solution is map…. not pirate but still with a treasure. Treasure — is people who create events on the map and it can be everyone. Event has its own type: sports, literature, talk, music, dance, art, volunteering, paid event, job such as one day work jobs.

Sure list is not full but I think they’re a lot of work. Broad concepts -sports, literature, talk, music, dance, art, volunteering,job how people will find what they prefer or what they want to try ?       Old good friend #.

Second part of the app

This app is primarily designed to bring people together in a conversation, whether it’s a video call or a meeting.

Time by time have you thoughts that : I want to talk about ******* but with whom, no one interested in this topic, so how to find someone who cares.

Old good friend #.

In the search box, you enter a hashtag if it matches another person, so you will be linked via a video call. What interesting that will be built list of most popular tags just right now, so if you can’t find someone, do not upset, you always have that list just use it. Examples:

You don’t need to choose a language for conversation because it has written in tag. But what about list of most popular tags in another language? There are several solutions to this problem, and the development team will choose which one is better. As I said in the video you will also have a list of #games all these games are aimed at developing your communication skills, or even learn a new language for you.

Third part of the app

Additional to the map where people can post ads. In the third part of the application there are only 4 types of events; rent, buy goods, sell goods, services. Think of it as an e-newspaper of your town designed as a map.


Here is a short list of the roles of people who use my app. User1 – wants to learn to tell the learned material. User2- wants to listen to interesting people and communicate with them (Whether a video call or a meeting) User3- wants to find friends or a partner of interest. User4- looking for casual encounters. User5- is looking for an opponent in the competition. User6- is looking for viewers interested in the topic. User7- creates a commercial event. User8-looking for someone to do the job. User9- looking for a job.

Still don’t understand how it will be looks like?

My prototype and the prototype that I ordered from the development team

Not a problem, with the help of the InVision I created a prototype that largely reflects its appearance. Why does it look so barbarians? There are several reasons but overall I like how I completed the task. In short – I wanted to do it quickly and personally. I risk that ignorant can scare away some backers. But you have nothing to fear because I will hand over the development  to professionals. Together, we calculated the minimum cost to launch the product. Note that not all features of the app will work at once, they will be added gradually.

 Why should you become my backer? 

$600- this is a place in the app for backers, there they can enter whatever they want (within a reasonable and number of characters (280)) after the interlocutor is located, the words disappears. We need to agree in advance on the sentence that you will use and qualify it as advertising or personal. Detailed information about what you cannot be written will appear a little later but I think everything is clear to everyone. The only thing you need to know is that if it will be qualify as advertising then is allowed but only for one year the countdown begins as soon as  the app will be fully operational, all other notes will stay with the app for 10 years.Once you have agreed, you cannot change the selected sentence.

I ’m part of that, you are everything

My name is Vlad Fesenko, I am 22, I am from Ukraine, I continue my studies in agronomy with a master’s degree. Before the start of the Kickstarter campaign, I did not use social networks, in general I watched YouTube, I prefer to read articles than books. I have read less than 100 books in my life, many of them I even forgot, most often Ukrainian and Russian literature. Even without reading the book to the end, I fall in love with it, but then I may not open it for a long time. I consider my most valuable skill to be the ability to separate wheat from chaff, analyzing how it will affect my future.I Am dreamer. My weakness is inattentiveness. In my opinion, this is enough to create a first impression. It may sound arrogant, but I feel that this application will change a lifestyle of many people, but for this I need a team, the fact that I outsource the development of the project is not enough. If you are looking for cooperation, I will be happy to talk to you and If you are interested in whom I order the development service from, I will send a link in the message.

Encouragement system

Everyone has one coin, if someone liked the event he can give his coin to the person who created the event. Every month a new coin is given to everyone, if the previous one was not used it disappears.

1 coin is the money received for viewing advertisements during the month of using the application. It will be calculated how much the average yield of 1 user per month and his coin will be equivalent to $, which then the host of the event can withdraw to the card. The coin can be tossed only to events of the type: sports, literature, talk, music, dance, art, volunteering, which must be free to visit or participate.

P.S. or possibly at all events

Why will such applications become popular?

There are many resources that allow us to gain knowledge, from universities to Tik-Tok, and all of them make it possible to realize the accumulated knowledge in the platform where it was obtained without going into the plane of everyday life. An application like mine solves this problem and complements such entertainment and educational venues. Finding like-minded people, improving skills and all this  in a city in which you are. Do you agree that this is not the same when you prepared the video material and told it to the camera, or when you tell it to someone, or to the audience? My job is to teach people how to talk, giving them practice and interested audiences.

The second part of the application will be a separate addition, like Facebook and Messenger. I tested similar video applications and none of them met my needs. The search for the interlocutor was still that work because they did not know what to say or they were not interested in the topic of the conversation, there was always a sense of awkward and it resembled a one-way street. If it was possible to agree on what the topic of conversation would be, I think this would brighten the conversation itself and improve the search for the interlocutor. I had an idea with a hashtag, which organically fits into the tasks of teaching people how to communicate.

The third part of the application creates additional traffic for users who will be potential users for the first and second part of the application. Which will increase the chance of success.

You really liked the project

I will create a group for you on Facebook  CounselOpenin, where you can offer your ideas for improving the program or you have the opportunity to advertise my application, as gift you will be able to get the same benefits as backers who have invested up to $1,000 in the project.

All funds that will be received after reaching the goal of fundraising will be spent on the PR company.

Estimated founding goal includes $10000 for PR company.