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Start date
May 22, 2022
Close date
Jul 21, 2022

Inspired Living Farms: Not Just A Farm But An Adventure!



Hi, we are the Kirk family, and we are starting Inspired Living Farms. We have done the research and planning but now together we ask for your help to create a low carbon footprint farm that will be self sustaining and as close to zero waste as possible.  In doing so, we will be keeping alive our heirloom and heritage breeds of plants and animals, while giving back to our diverse communities through food banks and pantries for low income and struggling families. We are looking to provide green jobs in the community and help with the rising cost of all food products anyway we can through a large local farm.  This is an exciting journey I hope everyone takes with us. Together we can explore water conservation techniques and sustainable practices right here in northeast Texas. I know we can create teachable moments through documentation and community outreach so, thank you for your time and we appreciate you. Hopefully with your help we can make this dream come true.

The amount requested will help to contribute to land cost, and start up supplies. Below you will find a little more about us!

Our Goals:

· To obtain land that Inspired Living Farms can call HOME!

We plan on achieving this through community outreach, our joint savings, and through applications from government grants. We are also reaching out to people in the green energy sector to provide help and education but, it does not stop there. We have possible financial backers as well but, they are requesting to see if other backers believe in this as much as we do. We have never before felt this type of passion for anything other then each other and the food we create.

· Obtaining the animals, fruit baring trees, vegetables/ fruits, and supplies needed to operate this farm

We have looked into different venders who carry the heritage breeds of animals and began a relationship with them to help provide education and, to make sure the animals are raised hormone and antibiotic free. We have a list of specific breeds for our farm that we know will do well in the unpredictable Texas weather. We have looked into  needed vets that will help in providing the best care for our future breeds. We have spent the last few years conducting research into our heirloom fruits and vegetables by looking into local vendors to help make sure they are all top quality and non GMO. This has all been done while taking in to consideration our humidity in summers and proper care for the cold winters.

· Permits and Water conservation

Certain permits through the city and state will be needed to reclaim rain water and water run off while utilizing the recycled water from the farm in every way possible! This will be done by harvesting recycled water in to underground aquifers. We understand that the machinery can be costly but, we have learned how to service this machinery ourselves.  During this time pesticides will not be used so the water table is not contaminated nor will our soils be. We have learned through this process that water conservation reduces greenhouse gas emissions and reduces soil saturation.  Water conservation has been documented as far back as the Romans.

· Community Outreach

Our family is wanting to help provide food to low income and struggling families through farmers markets and food pantry donations. This would provide access to fresh, healthier, delicious foods that would otherwise not be available to low income and struggling families. Having had to use these resources in the past we understand how limited the selections of food are. When adding Covid to this already limited supply the impact can be felt and related to by all. We are striving to make a change in this area over all and hopefully becoming a model for others to build on.

We plan on producing top quality fruits, vegetables, meats, artesian cheese, and fruit wines. This will include specialty meats and wild game. This is because we grew up learning how to utilize the land around us and its resources while giving back. We feel that our family is especially prepared and are eager to share this with the growing community.