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Join an international community dedicated to limiting air and waste pollution through friendly competition and community engagement.


My name is Analyse Huges, and this is the first app I have ever attempted to make. However, I have worked very hard on the outline and the app’s primary purpose, so the development will start as soon as possible when it comes time. This idea seemed from a school project as a written proposal, but I believed that it would genuinely make a change if it were to be developed. So far have created an animated pitch for the app, and I have been consulting web and app developers to work out the pricing for making the Our World dream a reality!

Join Our World. An international community dedicated to helping the environment through collective action and friendly competition!

For years substantial amounts of research have gone into finding ways to develop and teach more sustainable and environmentally friendly recourses.   The development of a method that enables the international engagement of citizens is crucial to prevent irreversible damages brought about by climate change and pollution.  With humans being the cause of 50-65% of greenhouse gas emissions and the 2.01 billion tonnes (metric tons) of solid waste produced annually, there is predicted to be between 11-20 years before the damage to our environment is permanent. 

The U.S. has implemented at least ten major federal laws and many other federal acts, rules, and administrative environmental regulations to safeguard the environment and the health and safety of U.S. citizens. Despite these enactments, air pollution and solid waste pollution increases by billions of tons annually. We can no longer ignore the danger of the pollution crisis we face today as the limited years we have to prevent irreversible damage dwindle. With this in mind, I strived to create a new approach that engages all people and communities in the efforts to preserve our environment and health. 

Get rewarded for engaging with the Our World community and sharing your ideas for reusing, reducing, upcycling, and more!
Be able to take part in your everyday activities and participate in something bigger than yourself.
Some pollution is due to the improper disposal of hazardous materials such as cars and electronics. Sometimes, properly disposing of these materials costs a lot of money. Our World strives to limit that hurdle and ensure as many of those materials are appropriately disposed of. Users can use the reward points they earn to get discounts at places that can properly dispose of costly materials!


This project aims to encourage people to take action and limit their carbon footprints and waste production while simultaneously teaching and building an international community.    I believe this is achievable by developing a mobile app that will work towards the following objectives:

  1. The use of real-world data to help users track and reduce their footprints and waste production.
  2. Incentives for actions taken toward sustainable efforts aligned with the support of environmental non-profits.
  3. Actively enable collective action on an international level.
As you continue to engage with the app Our Word uses real-world data to keep you up to date on your air pollution and waste production and will give you suggestions on how to lessen your footprint!
Our World believes that everyone can be the change our planet needs and strives to employ the help of ALL people. Create your unique character!
Know your impact. To properly calculate and track your Carbon Tax, Our World gives an initial survey based on your current habits. Throughout your time using the Our World App you will receive surveys that will check to see any changes that have been made. Your Carbon Tax will rise or fall based on your actions.
The answers from the survey will determine Your World. Your World is unique based on what you answered in the survey. Someone who drives a gas-powered car will have more smog in the air than someone who takes public transportation.

You can actively watch Your World change in the app as you make changes.  Your skies will be more clear, and the pollution will slowly disappear!  You will have the opportunity to plant trees and buy animals with your O2 points! However, their health will be determined by the condition of your WorldWorldWorldWorld, correctly, so make sure it is safe enough to live in before making those additions. Some of the accessories in the app, such as animals, plants, ponds, clothes, backgrounds, etc., will cost money. However, any in-app purchases you make will automatically be sent to an environmental organization! So if you are looking to be a part of something bigger than yourself, give back on an exponential level. Join Our World.