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Start date
Oct 05, 2020
Close date
Dec 04, 2020

This will be a product that will decrease the theft of delivered packages by 99%. This patented product needs a prototype.


The package locker will keep your packages safe inside of a locked aluminum box. It is secured by a locked keypad and deliverers can open it with a scan of the package. The keypad code can be altered or changed at anytime on the app and a guest code can be added. A solar panel will keep the package locker going at all times. Also during the holidays you can keep children and other family members out with a locked guest code. This idea came about when i used to be a landscaper i would always see peoples packages get stolen right off of there porch and one day i thought if only there was something to prevent this. This product has not yet seen manufacturing but has  been designed. We need your help to get a final prototype, start up a factory, and get the app designed for this product to be complete. This product will cost anywhere from $750.00 – $999.99 based on the chosen model and skin covering.