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Rackets series “GLADIATOR”.


Сreate your own distinctive design!

There are several design options for each racket model of your choice 

1. The contact surface of the racket

3 background options:

  • black metal with gray stripes
  • red shabby metal
  • graphite metal

2. Racket bridge

2 options:

  • white metal matt
  • matt black

3. Сentral part (gladiator’s helmet)

2 options:

  • white metal matt
  • matt black

4. Decorative stripes 

3 options:

  • green and red
  • white metal matt
  • matt black

The shape of the “GLADIATOR” rackets ensures maximum power with every stroke. The use of the latest trends in carbon materials contributes to a comfortable and safe play. The racket is suitable for mid to high level players who prefer an attacking type of game.

The presence of green and red symbolizes control and attack.

For any passionate athlete, entering the field is a battle, and this battle, above all, with oneself. Prove to yourself that you are capable and ready to achieve more and more records.