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This documentary will portray the process of deep
pain(both emotional and psychical) and how that pain can
breed unbelievable genius.



This is a 90-minute documentary on (about) the journey of Whit Redgate. The film encourages you, the viewer, to never let anything get in their way of your destiny. The film will introduce a variety of real life heroes that have been essential to Whitaker’s transformational journey. By stepping into Whit’s shoes we realize that our personal stories are part of a greater connected network of incredible people’s collective experience. Healing is a social process, and is certainly all about connection. This film is a microcosm of how creativity cures pain.

We will keep the donors and members of our community updated through our facebook page, website & instagram. One of our intentions in this Film is to establish a support community for people who suffer from any type of pain and those who are talented in various creative fields.

Animation is an essential element in the film. Animation Director Alex Martinez spearheads the creative direction of the story by plunging the audience in an all-immersive 2D experience throughout the doc. Martinez, Redgate & Paradiso’s combined effort on the development of a multilateral animation style will catalyze narrative and portray the light and dark of Whit’s journey through pain.

Our Kickstarter clip is not a movie trailer, it is designed to give the audience an idea of the story we are trying to tell. An official trailer for the film will be released shortly after a locked cut of the movie is finalized.

Please reach out to us and get involved. All donations will be appreciated greatly and we very much look forward to sharing our story, film and art with everyone.

If you want to dive deeper into the film, who we are, and Whit’s story, continue reading this post, or visit our website www.musbane.com


Creativity as an escape of pain, Surviving Loss, Chronic pain survivors, PTSD, Radical Vulnerability, Addiction, Inspiration, Imagination.

About our Film Company Musbane Pictures

Musbane Pictures LLC was formally founded by Noah Paradiso & Whit Redgate in the summer of 2020. Noah & Whit began their friendship as high school freshmen in 2012 and it unfolded into a professional business partnership in a creative field.

In the spring of 2013 Noah & Whit competed in the National Student Televison Network in Los Angeles California. Their high school team won first in the nation winning the grand prize of the national competition. Noah & Whit continued their passions through High School. They experienced a lot together from traveling, concerts or dangerous situations. They were always creating and building. The production company was formed in 2020 when Whit came to Noah with the idea for Pain Creates. The film will be completed in 2021 as Musbane Pictures first 90 minute documentary.

Musbane Pictures is a production company based out of Miami Florida USA. Specializing in storytelling. Musbane intends on revolutionizing how we can tell our complex life stories. Musbane’s slogan “Architecting the dream” emphasizing how creating films is our way of turning dreams to a reality.


The story starts on New Year’s day, 2000. On that day Whit was being pushed in a dual stroller, next to his sister Grace, by his mother Anna. The three were hit by a car due to a Drunk Driver Crashing. The wreck killed Grace upon impact and left Whit and his mother seriously Injured. The death of their youngest child put strain on the marriage of Whit’s parents and eventually led to a divorce. Anna became the primary caregiver of Whit and was a profoundly strong influence on him. She was an extremely hardworking single mother who ended up building a recovery business centered around preventing anyone else from experiencing the same tragedy as her. She operated a online education program where DUI defendants could come face to face with stories and accounts from victims of their crimes. The program inspired real change and left a lasting impact on everyone that came through it. Anna was able to heal and grow in the face of such pain and loss; a remarkable personality trait with which she would endow upon a young Whit Redgate.

Around the same time as the accident, Whit was diagnosed Hidradenitis suppurativa. People with this condition are inflicted with lesions in their skin that constantly bleed and leak fluids. His case was unique in the fact that these lesions would not heal, creating a massive build-up. This led to extreme amounts of pain for Whit at all times. He was three years old at the time of his diagnosis; the youngest recorded case of H.S. in the world. Both emotional and physical pain were constant in Whit’s life from his very first memories. Over the next few years the condition stayed relatively mild. It still caused Whit pain and he continued to see doctors, but this was nothing compared to what was to come. Whit used this pain to build up his imagination and developed a unique form of creativity. During his youth he learned to draw, paint, sculpt, architect, design, and tell stories. 

Freshman year of high school went well for Whit. Whit meets other founder Noah Paradiso on the first day of school. He made new friends immediately and had a great time being a young entrepreneur, building mechanisms, designing robots and making movies. Creativity was still a major part of his life.

When Junior year came, Whit’s HS got worse. He began having flare ups and doctors were left puzzled as to why he wasn’t responding to their treatments. He went on ungodly amounts of antibiotics to try to combat the condition, all of which did virtually nothing and left his body’s natural bacteria in shambles. Each day the condition worsened as new lesions popped up and refused to heal. While he still had friends and creativity to help cope with the pain, it became relentless. Lesions appeared on his lower back region making it impossible for him to sit, stand or lie down without immense pain.

The cloud of the HS skin condition grew darker with Whit’s Senior year of high school. It got so bad that Whit could no longer participate in sports or any other physically demanding activities because of the pain. He ended up missing 40 days of school for experimental surgeries in LA, skin removal surgeries, and alternative healing methods. He was put on copious painkillers and other various drugs to try and combat the condition, but nothing helped. Out of school, distant from his friends, with no end in sight to his condition, he felt lost.

After he finished high school in such a low place, Whit’s mother suggested that he either travel, go to a community college and have some free time, or go to a boarding school for a year for a different experience. He ultimately ended up going to Salisbury School in Connecticut.

On April 1st, 2017, Whit’s mother is rushed to the ICU wing of the Monroe Regional Medical Center in Ocala Florida  in critical condition. Anna was on life support for two weeks in the hospital. Friends, family & patrons came from around the world to visit Anna. After two and a half weeks in the ICU, Whit & his family had to make a decision authorizing the doctors take his mother off of life support. An unimaginable task for a 19-year-old Whit Redgate.

Anna had taught Whit well. He refused to let this pain become something negative. Whit and his family then host a celebration of Anna’s life to properly remember the person she was. Hundreds of people send in video messages and testimonials to share how much of a positive impact Anna had on their lives. The celebration inspired people from across the globe to carry on Anna’s mission and to continue to spread her positivity through the world.

After losing his mother, Whit returns to the Salisbury School to graduate with a second High School diploma from the boarding school in Connecticut. With the help of various advisors, Whit decides to remain in Florida and attend the University of Miami Herbert Business School. Whit Majored in International Finance & Marketing and pursues a double minor in Architectural History & Business Law.

Whit’s Sophomore year of business school at UM he is faced with 29 non closing wounds all over his body. The condition that he suffers from is no longer just a chronic skin condition but Chronic non closing wounds. Suffering from regular blood loss, he is weak and unable to move, attend class or even study. Whit is at war with his mental health & body. Lost and in search for answers once again, Whit and his family spend New Year’s of 2018 in Tulum Mexico. While in Tulum Whit and his family had a conversation that changed the course of Whit’s life. Whit’s godmother & guardian encouraged Whit to find himself. Take a year off school and just travel. See the world, gain new experiences, try to heal, and, most importantly, try to learn from other cultures in a very tactile, face to face way. His mind had been opened to the reality of being anything you want to be.

Although returning to school after this conversation was nearly impossible, Whit went back to UM after New Year’s, but as he sat in class, he looked around himself and decided he had had enough. He was tired of sitting in these classrooms, going through the motions and trying half-assed methods of healing from his pain. He was loosing so much blood on a daily basis, with no end in sight for his condition he started to think the worst. He was unsure of how much time he really had left on this earth and thought that this diseases would quickly become unsustainable. In the middle of a class, on the last day of drop-add week, Whit gathered his things, walked out of class, and marched down to the registrar’s office to drop out of school. This decision would change everything for Whit; It was his first real step towards deep spiritual healing and the discovery of himself.

After dropping out of UM, Whit entered a year that would allow him to truly see the beauty within his pain.

After a couple weeks of being home Whit goes to a naturopathic healing clinic in Hawaii. The recovery center in Hawaii only takes 2-3 patients at a time for intensive recovery to take place. Whit undergoes the Gersten Treatment, a treatment known for curing cancer and other relentless diseases. Whit is hooked up to a IV for 2 hours a day for 3 weeks and doing everything possible to attempt to cure. He notices healing for the first time and his body jumpstarts itself.

He then goes back to the U.S. mainland to see his grandfather Bruce Van Zee in California. His grandfather, who is a master craftsman of all forms, helps Whit develop a prototype for a chair that allows those who suffer back pain to sit in without strain on the lower back. This allows Whit to sit comfortably, a task that seemed impossible given the pain that has been present in his life so far. Whit’s Grandfather has always been an incredible influence on his life and the bond between them was uniquely deep to say the least. This process of making the chair became one of the most wholesome memories in Whit’s life as he innovated, created and lived with his grandfather.

Shortly after his time with his grandfather, Whit embarks on another healing journey. This time he is in pursuit of soul healing. He travels to Costa Rica to attend the Rhythmia life advancement center. A spiritual healing center that uses plant medicine to unlock previously unobtainable modes of consciousness. The herbal cocktail puts users into a deep psychedelic state that allows you to explore the depths of your mind and unlock the cosmic connections that weave every living being together.

For Whit, this experience showed him the duality of himself. It showed him the link between innovation and personal connection. It allowed him to see his pain as something he lives with. Something that he could manage and become familiar with. Over the course of four nights, Whit drank ayahuasca and was able to find himself within his pain. After his experiences he describes intelligence as a living, breathing thing that is interactive and can be communicated with. Ayahuasca showed Whit that intelligence is collective; that these unique experiences can unlock new perspectives and give you the tools to heal yourself and others. 

While his physical pain was brought down to level 6, the experiences in Hawaii & Costa Rica had left a mark on Whit. Nothing seemed impossible to him now, and he had a full grasp that you can literally be anything you want to be.

Over the next year Whit traveled the world. He spent 4 weeks in Japan & South Korea, studying the culture and writing. He then flipped continents to Europe where he travelled through Northern Europe and Southern Europe. Finding so many different opportunities to grow his knowledge of the world greatly.

With the support of Whit’s guardian, Whit attended the University of the Arts in London with a focus on Architecture and sustainable design. While in London, Whit took an apprenticeship working under a furniture designer and learned about design and architecture. His experiences seeing the world had pushed him to unapologetically pursue the design of things. He wanted to build and create as much as he could. Whit was always creative, but he was now seeing how to take that creativity and turn it into something that he can pursue with his whole life. While working so deeply in a creative profession, he felt like he had found his calling. Whit had used creativity to heal himself in the past but was now unlocking its deeper potential; the ability to heal others.

While Whit was fortunate enough to travel the world in search of healing, not everyone is. Whit wants to bring what he learned through his travels to everyone.  He wants to help people find that healing right in their own home.  Whit’s story does not just help the audience get to know him personally but also see the triumph of the Human spirit. A whole hearted film made to encourage the audience to believe in themselves and truly understand that anything is possible with creativity. Please help us out by donating, getting involved, sharing this project and reaching out. Feel free to share your story to us.

From the whole team at Musbane Pictures we thank you for making this dream a reality.