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A paint pump that will eliminate mess and make painting a breeze


A professional painter for over two decades, I care about helping people create a beautiful space without stress or mess. When I started painting in 1994, I was young. I learned to choose what was, at the time, the best tools available (not necessarily the most expensive) because as we all know, the trick to an excellent finished job is in the tools. Now, over 25 years later, I have changed but the tools have not.

One of the biggest problems with the current methods of painting, is the very first step—transferring paint from the pail to the tray and back again. With the current pail / lid system there is no way to do so without a mess, wasting paint, and shortening the paint life of what is left in the bucket. With a one-gallon pail, the user must first find an opener, and while the first time opening the pail is unproblematic, it becomes more messy and sticky each time eventually giving way to rust or uptight seals, thus ruining the paint. Everytime the user transfers paint from the smaller bucket into a tray or cut in cup, paint pours down the side of the pail and fills the rim around the top of the bucket. A brush must be used then to wipe it, but paint drips onto the floor. Each time this occurs, more paint dries in the rim, making it more difficult to get an airtight seal. Paint is wasted and messes are made. Everytime the lid comes off, air gets into the paint shortening its life, and furthermore, it is necessary to use a brush to clean it up, making more of a mess, adding to clean up time.

With the larger 5-gallon pails, transferring paint becomes even more difficult. One must pull off the small plastic lid, which sprays paint, and then lift the heavy pail to pour paint. It causes strain on arms, back, and neck and makes a large mess. Returning any leftover paint back to the bucket is also messy. The user can either remove the entire lid, which is difficult, or try return it via the small hole on the top which is also difficult and messy. This is currently the only way to transfer the paint from either pail; until now. Returning the small plastic cap to this system doesn’t work either, because as the paint dries on this lid, it sticks the cap on like glue making the next removal more difficult.

It was frustrating to me each time, and I knew there had to be a better way.

As I was attempting to lift the heavy pail to pour paint into a tray, I thought, “Why not a pump?” That was the beginning of the Paint Pump 1000 and 2000.

With every can of paint, whether 1 or 5 gallon, our new lid simply replaces the old lid. Once our lid is on the can, it need never be removed. With our modern airtight system, no paint is ever wasted and no mess is ever made. With just a simple twist to release the pump and begin transferring paint to even the smallest container, any physical strain is removed. By transferring nearly a full quart with each press of the pump, it doesn’t take many pumps before the tray is filled and ready to go and with the brilliant return window, any unused paint can easily be returned to the bucket without removing the lid. Likewise, by turning the pump in the opposite direction, it seals and becomes airtight, keeping the paint from being damaged and wasted. The pump can be released to pump paint anytime, whether the user desires to repaint an entire room, or do just a few touch-ups before Thanksgiving Dinner’s company arrives. With our Paint Pump System, the user can fill an entire tray or a very small cup with ease.

By eliminating the mess from transferring product, the strain of lifting and tipping from heavy pails, and wasted paint, this is a product that every single painter will quickly find they have to own. The ticket to success is in the tools and with this tool, painting just became a breeze. No more pails getting kicked over. Whether full time professional painters or the once-in-a-blue-moon painter who just wants to update a room, this Paint Pump 1000 and Paint Pump 2000 will make every single job cleaner, cheaper, safer, faster, and easier.

With your help, we will be able to purchase the molds to create the product and begin the manufacturing process. After speaking with paint store owners, other professional painters, and home owners who tend to paint themselves, we have yet to be told “no thank you.” Because we have not yet encountered anyone who would not use the product, we are confident it will be a hit. Paint stores with over 3000 locations are excited to get the product on their shelves. Professional painters are excited about having the product for themselves.

We have a team ready to manufacture, package, sell, and ship and the space available to do so.